Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Surely St Pathetic …


But that doesn’t give him a free rein either.

By not letting lads play club championship is a joke and with the hurling in such a bad state it’s another stick to beat him and the hurling up with.

It’s not like they will be wrapped in cotton wool with the county side.


There’s another guy called @alanoc who posts here and he goes fcukin mad about intercounty managers and the way they fcuk up the clubs …


And has the neck to belittle other clubs…


You’ll have to try a little harder than that I’m afraid. From what I can see both Dublin managers allowed things to proceed and clubs played meaningful matches with their county players.

Unlike say Armagh and Wexford, where the managers are literally rubbing it in the face of Croke Park by deliberately going on trips abroad and totally subverting what Croke Park have tried to do.

I don’t know why Pats and OPER was fixed for next Wednesday. But in fairness even the rules allow for 13 days for preparation for an inter county championship game.

But fairness is in fairly short supply around here at times.


A Kickhams man accusing someone else of belittling other clubs. On a hurling thread. Somewhat ironic.


What’s ironic about it?


Anyone head over to this or hear who played and how it went?


Tell you what. You send me back whatever bowl of cornflakes belonging to you that I pissed in and I’ll replace them for you. Or I’ll just ignore you and you can ignore me.

A manager who hasn’t managed a single championship game yet and a man who has given his time freely to Dublin GAA for years and who cooperated fully with what was asked of him by Croke PArk (as did Jim Gavin) is being blasted and all some people can do is have a go at me for defending one decision, one, that he was actually entitled to make.

Supporters me arse.




**[quote=“TheParish, post:2903, topic:2664, full:true”]

See above.

Supporters me arse.


You give out on the minor thread that lads aren’t available to play club games but it’s ok for the senior management regardless who or what club they are from to play an internal match days after a round of club championship and a week before the 2nd round and then stop lads playing for their club in a championship game.

Talking about double standards and moving the goal posts.

Clubs my arse !!


I gave out about the fact that it will take SIX games just to win Leinster at minor and that it means that clubs won’t have access to their players for most of the summer. Mirroring the senior season for minors is deplorable as far as I am concerned. The other thing is ONE game, eleven days before we play KK.

I wouldn’t have been all that happy with the internal game. But compared to what other counties have done we’re way ahead.

There’s no double standard there.


I asked you a question, what was ironic about it. Care to answer?


Seniors drew with Waterford 1.23 to 2.20. We led by two at half time, went 5 up with 10 to go. Waterford came back to draw.


Any word on who lined out Or who played well? Might give us a better idea of who the starting 15 might be on May 13th


Good performance across the board really. Very high tempo, our work rate was exceptional.


Good to hear, GRMA a chara!


The hurling threads take bitchiness to a new level …


After the three years we had under the previous manager, people are understandably on tenderhooks. (If anyone manages a pun for tenderhooks, I’ll go back on the booze!). We have all bemoaned the pressure between club and county on here and much more needs to be done about that. I would say most of us see hurling as a specialised pursuit and would have preferred a specialist to get the manager role. That said, the championship is here. Let’s get behind them and make Parnell Park a fortress for our lads in 2018. The McCarthy may be beyond us but let’s see what happens.