Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


So well put. Can’t stand most sports presenters these days.


If you think the problem with your post is that you used a bold word then you missed the point.


No i didnt.
In my opinion, Nolan is not up to it. I didnt give the opinion of others or the management team, nor did i try to impose my opinion on others.

If I simply named 15 and didn’t put him in it, i’ve also said the same without saying anything.


Fully agree and apologise for any offense. Absolutely isn’t a personal grudge, don’t even know the chap off the field.
Meerly a poor chose of word…
Still think other players are better than him though.


You did say “you’re all mad” - (it may not be imposing your opinion on others but it’s certainly letting them know how little you value theirs) before giving your own opinion on Nolan.

Look, I accept that you didn’t mean it personally. It wasn’t all about the s-h-one-t word either. You basically put Nolan down. He’s an amateur, trying his hardest at a game he loves for his own county, at the end of the day. Simply saying he wasn’t up to it, in your opinion, would have been better.

I’ll say no more. Your username gives you the benefit of the doubt, for me.

I wouldn’t mind being half as good as Nolan, but that’s another story.


Yep, I only reserve the right to criticize players that I was better then. So anyone that’s next or near this Dublin squad is fairly safe from me!!


Cant disagree. But i hope you can see past what i said, to what i meant.
My intended point was id rather Maguire or Brennan.
Would i still take Nolan over another, yes probably.
Hopefully now it is case closed and we can get back to other debates


You’re right though, we are all mad.


I’ve said enough… @beeko will be my counsel should i ever require


You’re donald ducked, so.


He’s a @beeko - not a beak!


Dublin v Waterford tonight, Parnell park 8pm in a challenge match for those intertested.


Rumour has it 6 lads cut from the panel for the championship


Also pats v Plunkets is off next Wednesday as St Pat has refused to allow the lads on the panel play


Why would he let them? And if he did and Rushe got injured you’d be moaning then too. It’s ten days before the game vs. KK. And it’s May. Why is it fixed for then? Compared to many counties dublin has done right by the clubs in April. But don’t let that get in the way of your ranting. Short of winning the All Ireland there seems to be little or nothing Gilroy can do to please you.


No Alan if he left the post it would make me very happy
And Rush might get injured in a game but it’s ok to play at least 10 of the starting team 4 days earlier
And how dare I give out about st Pat a good Vincent’s man


Well at least I need not read any more of your posts now. As you don’t even have the decency to give the man a fair go I won’t bother.

And considering what he has done already for the GAA in Dublin your attitude is deplorable.


What he did for the footballers which I’m agree was amazing but the hurling all he done was stop Rory o Caroll play in the Leinster under 21 final and we made him hurling manager


Would you ever give it a rest re Gilroy. The sarcastic reference to him as St Pat is bordering on pathetic.


No I won’t and bordering on pathetic is blindly sticking up for someone that you must know was a joke selection
From what I have seen at the games and from what I have heard is the one big thing ST PAT has brought to the table is everyone calls each other by there first name because it sure as hell hasn’t been a game plan