Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Well said my friend!


Who - @beeko or @Dubsfanhurler ??


Realistically only game that matters is Offaly at this stage to perserve our status and buy the new set up time for coming 2 years …

Anything else ( even been competitive) is a bonus I feel at this stage

How on earth did Leinster allow this drop out of All Ireland to happen…


If Dublin get relegated from Leinster championship the format/rules will be changed for 2019. There is no way Dublin will be allowed to go out of Leinster championship.


If Galway or Kilkenny get relegated. Not Dublin. Surly that is what you mean? The ball is to small for them to give a rats ass about Dublin!


Less then two years ago we hammered Wexford by 13 points.
I know there have been big changes within both camps since which have been well documented.
But it’s a sad state of how things have gone the last few years that most of us seem to be writing that game off now.


with Ger Cunningham who according to some here new less than Larry Grayson


Can we not just shut that door?


I’m not writing it off anyway, I expect us to beat them. Preparations could have gone better, and that maybe an understatement, but I still think we will have too much for them. If it was the first game I would worry, as I think we will still be finding a team, but it’s not.


Just on this, these are the six forwards I would have predicted two years ago we would have for 2018. Possibly AJ Murphy in there also somewhere. There are different reasons for guys not being there - but we can’t keep losing a) players to football (which cant be helped) but also b) just losing our best players with injury (which somehow, needs to be sorted out)…



Really only Bennett and Boland out of that six are long term gone and Boland was almost back and at least the new injury is different to the previous one. conroy is playing for Maurs and the u21s so is available if they want him … and should kick on next year. Hopefully Dillon will be back soon.

AJ will hopefully have a good season with the club and can make a claim for dublin place next year although i wouldn’t be against a wildcard or two being drafted into the forwards at this point. give them 20 mins at the end of games and see how they fare.


I think we need a wildcard or two at the start of the games, not near the end, to be honest. For me, there is no version of the six forward put forward by anyone here, myself included, where they are good enough to score enough against the best teams. If we could get say Conroy and McBride in there it would be a start. Dillon must play, even if they have to attach a limb or something!

Is Boland definitely long term? I haven’t seen it mentioned as yet anywhere outside of here.



Haha ok, i shouldn’t have cursed…
But there are better keepers & everyone in this game is amateur and criticising goes far beyond what i said, on this site alone. Maybe thats not for you, but im not the first to criticise, just used a bold word


So also is Eoghan O Donnell. He believes Leinster title is within their grasp! Not sure I would have same confidence. But fair play to them. A positive attitude is half the battle!


Fair enough… but you could have just said he’s not up to it, in your opinion. The way you worded sounded almost (to me, anyway) that it was a personal grudge.


Interview on off the ball pod.


Is it safe to listen to? Will I have to put up with smug smirking presenters?


Haven’t listened myself yet so not sure !


Listened to it live in the car last night, it’s not a bad listen TBH