Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Joey is one of the genuinely good guys


Does yer man let Joey get a word in? :wink:


He does :wink:


Makes a change from the last time I tried to listen :wink:


Big loss to Crokes :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Brilliant podcast, finally listened to it at weekend. Lot of time for Joey. Jam Engineer :sob::sob::sob:


Yeah , enjoyed it too . Not a hurling man myself but his stories were very funny . Fair play to him for going back to study too . It’s never too late to go back .


runs a really successful business now, a right solid lad


Not good news.


someone said that above. I wonder is that exclusive coming from above or a separate source. They might be getting a break till club stuff is out of the way. Been a long season for the cuala lads.


2/3 long seasons on the go now for the Cuala lads can’t really blame them if they wish to take the foot off the Gas for the Summer

At the Same time we’ll never reach full potential at County level unless the best players are involved


It’s fact Tayto. There are only four coming back.




That’s a bit of a downer alright! There is always the possibility that one or two others are waiting until the April club commitment is over before they buy into the county set up. But if true at least Gilroy now knows where he stands and has no choice but to build around these guys! The most important name in the 4 mentioned IMO is Moran. He adds a whole new option to our line up going into the championship!


Do you see Crummey automatically moving to Wing Back to accommodate Moran ? Crummey was without doubt our best player at Centre Back over the league campaign…


What about Rushe, although this management seem to see him as a forward.


Rushe on form of the last 2 years is a poor 3rd behind Moran and Crummy to my eyes.

O’Connell is a ferocious loss to the county cause,


Be great to see O Connell line out for Kerry


I think Moran plays better at CHB. Crummy is class at 5 or 6. It’s really about who starts at 7.


When you see the demands of the current regime who could blame them.
People walking away from inter county teams due to commitment levels is already happening in lots of counties and will continue to do so until someone stands up to the inter county managers.