Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era




He would over see development in both, but hurlers would have their own. Footballers possibly have too.


so do we have any idea from the round of club games who is actually injured at the moment?

Dillon didn’t play for Naomh Fionnbarra if I’m right
Anyone else?!


I heard Crummy, Boland & Rushe all played


Cian O’Sullivan also played for Brigids


Dodrill & peter kelly



He certainly likes to talk! i’d imagine he sees himself as management material !


didnt talk much when every 2 bit journalist wanted the big scoop a few years ago


Anyone, who has been around before or who maybe hasn’t got a chance, standout worth a call? didn’t see much matches …didn’t Pat say people who played well in SHC might get a chance/call

but names standing out from reports
McGurk, Dunne St Brigids -
M McCaffery, McClelland Dowling Lucan - is Coffey with the 21s?
O O’Rourke - was he still with the Dubs?
Quinn Crumlin
McCaw Conor Burke - Vins
Treacy Currie McHugh NaFianna

Although a lot of them/most of them are with 21s…?

Hopefully Dublin might name a Championship squad so we can find some information out…


Forget Dowling.
Too lazy off the ball… great player & could be brilliant but i think he knows it all too well how good he can be and that holds him back. He could do with learning the right attitude from Johnny Mc!


Tomas Connolly didn’t play, and was out for the last couple of Dublin games. I heard Hetherton will be back for the next club game though. I am not sure how he would be fixed with Dublin, his injury came at a bad time for him to prove his case.

Anyone know about Rushe?


Dubsfanhurler mentioned above that Rushe played.


Someone said smith did well in midfield for Lucan as well, few people putting their hands up, shame there’s only one more round before championship.


He was excellent and as per Grassroots, muted Quinn for most of the game…
Smith is a real dirty ball winner


he was lucan’s player of the year last year, beating crummy and Mcacffery so he must be useful enough.


Absolutely agree. He’s with Dublin panel this year as well


I see Cian boland got 2 goals. Seems quite a few of the panel are in good form.


Good podcast here with Joey Boland , some nice stories .
Blue is the Colour podcast .


Thanks will look that up.