Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Weird! He was a good U21 county player, but he wasn’t a brilliant one. There was better on that team that got to the AI final in 08.


Weird is one word for it.Totally ridiculous are a couple of others. By 2008 he would have been fading but as a minor he would have been an absolute nailed on starter.


He was on the dub colleges team which won the all Ireland along with Ross o’ Carroll, Paul Ryan.


Correct. Which mar his ommision by the minor managers all the more ridiculous.


Was it not 2007?


Your right, it was.



Interesting that Dotsy gave some thought to coming out of retirement at 34 when Gilroy took charge! Tells a little bit about what Pat must bring to the table as a man manager.


He even played the trial games when Gilroy took over I believe. We could have done with one more year of him.



Thats great to hear. We can debate Gilroys pros and cons for the job night and day on here but some of the people who know most and matter most have the confidence in him. Very positive.


Crucial to have spirit high among the players. If nothing else is achieved this year, it may provide a springboard for next year. The entire malaise that was there was never going to be fixed in one season.


Funny that the hurlers are training next to the footballers in st Claires. I predicted that they would


I don’t think Gilroys man management was ever under question… while great to here, for someone like Gilroy, players willing to run through a wall for him is the least id expect


“hi Con, look what we’re doing over here… :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::wink::wink:


“Can’t see what’s going on over there. To much silverware blocking my view! “


What choice has management had so far,with the guts of a full team missing thru injury/club commitments. He has to go with what he has.


Agree entirely. He has had a very difficult start given the various situations. My point is we should give the summer a right lash from here, don’t just be assuming it will click for us next year - who know what will happen next year with injuries etc.


isnt Byran Cullen in charge of the fitness of both teams as well?


surely not. Cullen isnt a Vincents man