Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Maybe now the league is ended there might be some update. It is sort of a traditional time to tidy up the panels. But then again, maybe not…


Maybe it is about next year, and maybe that is sensible. But looking at Gilroy’s modus operandi with the footballers it seemed to be mainly based on giving guys a chance to prove themselves and then picking the ones that did the best. 99% of the time it was logical and we could all see who deserved a place and who didn’t (the 1^ being Keaney who I could never understand why he wasn’t playing him regularly).

I think anyone who is fit, and can prove his case will get a start. The time period is concerning, but I think to stand any chance we need to add at least 5 or 6 lads to the team that played the last day to stand a chance.

I must say though, the one player that I thought we were crying out for the last day was McMorrow. He has the best touch of anyone on the team and he can be given the ball in tight spots. We lost a rake of scores from simple turnovers.

McMorrow could never have fit in as a midfielder on the team, or a traditional one anyway. But I think he was worth trying to adapt a little. He will always leave holes defensively because of his size, but there were options. But anyway, that ship has probably sailed…


I don’t buy this building for next year, well, maybe that’s the case but you may as well give this year a right lash as well. Careers are short enough without throwing a year away.


No doubt they are trying to give it a lash. But rewards are much less due to S&C training etc. Bound to take effect on lads. Would expect a vast improvement in next year’s league campaign!


I see the Dermo Connolly to hurling talk has decided to rear its head again ahead of the league final


Damien Lawlor had article in The Times yesterday “Connolly may switch codes”
Saying that Connolly had dropped out of the Dublin senior football squad and could be tempted to link up with Gilroy.
Won’t have far to go to make that link.


Link ?


Poor diarmo - In the past week hes gone from having no hunger , to not wanting to be a sideline hugging half forward for the footballers and now hes heading to the hurlers.


Some fall from grace ( no disrespect to the hurlers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


The assumption that he’d make the hurling team is kinda fun though.


He is a very strange class of a hurler though, fascinating to watch. He seems to dip in and out of the game as the mood suits him. I have never seen any one else like it really. When he is on the ball he can be brilliant, but a lot of the time the game is passing him by. But… it must be nearly impossible to parachute into a senior hurling environment with guys who have been playing all year. You can keep your touch in by pucking around, but you need to be playing to keep up to speed on tackling and ball winning.


In fairness to Tommy Conroy, he played in and won a Senior Hurling Championship with Vins.


I saw Connolly just this week driving the Subaru, so he’s definitely still on the panel.


Must be some kind of punishment thing?


Some punishment "Driving a Subaru":smiley:


Conroy probably was a better hurler then footballer (unlike Connolly who is the reverse). Conroy had it all as a hurler really.


Don’t agree. Diarmuid could have been one of the best hurlers in the country if he’d gone that way.

The failure to pick him on the 2005 Minor panel may well have cost that team an AI appearance and maybe a win.


Why wasn’t he picked? I thought he was a standout then.


A bit like Con! He was a stand out as well!


Management preference…