Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I would absolutely have Schutte in the full forward line, but I was assuming he would be going with the big ball. If I am wrong, I would be delighted.

Someone else I would like to see given a shot is Colin Currie of Na Fianna, he showed very well at U21 last year. But he may be very young, I am not sure.

Durkin and Joey Boland are both there, but we haven’t seen them yet. I assume they are being bought up to speed fitness wise or something. Kelly, as i said before, would be a game changer if he could be bought back up the level.

I think the championship team could go either way, it could be very much what we have seen in the league plus two or three Cuala lads. Or it could only be six or so of the league team and a host of guys coming into it (like all the afore mentioned). I hope it is the latter.

On Boland and consistency, he hasn’t played consistently. I can only think of about four senior games he started, so it would be impossible for him to have performed consistently. I would have no fear for him once he gets going, he was only on for about 15 minutes in the Galway match and he made a big impression on the game.


What is the craic with him? made an appearance and disappeared again. hope it’s not the same issue as before? i wonder are we rushing lads through too quickly and that’s causing issues on the injury front? I know pat said anyone with a knock will be rested rather then patched up, so maybe things arent as bad as they seem.


I don’t know - he had that Pateller tendonitis thing in his knee, which is very sore (I had it once), but it should be ok with rest and a bit of rehab. But his is going on forever, unless it is a different thing now in the last few weeks.

I think our injury list is something like

They are all possible or probable starters. It seems extreme to me…


he had an operation on it last year to try and sort it and it didn’t work, so he had another op on it last autumn/winter, so i was surprised to see him back when he did appear. Just hope whatever is going on it’s not that.

it does seem extreme but we don’t know how bad they are, if he is literally resting anyone with a slight strain then the list is always likely to be long. Really depends on the seriousness of some of them.

Like people say overtraining but Crummy took a belt, Schutte did his hammer with Cuala. Dillon is a hand injury, not much can be done about those … think Conry has played with the u21s so not sure he’s injured.


It might be, the last op was just to clean it out I think. But that is a good point re the injuries and I suspect it could be the case. He is making sure everyone is perfect come championship time.

I don’t think any of us can really judge over training, we don’t know enough about the schedule. And in my case anyway, even if I did I wouldn’t know if it was the right amount or too much.

I didn’t know Dillon was hand - that can’t be very long you would assume…

Conroy seemed to come back right at the end of the Fitzgibbon. I don’t even know if he is training with the panel or not, although I assume he is.


Didn’t Conroy make an appearance as a sub at some point or am I thinking of for DCU? So many players coming and going it’s hard to keep track. Cian o’sullivan Is another one! Was in really good form for brigids last autumn has only got fleeting chance so far.

Conroy is playing challenges with the u21s I think.

Actually the u21s ought to be strong, Hayes, Burke, Conroy, o’sillivan, c.Burke etc etc. good forwards in that lot.


Did Trollier not have a dead leg? When did the hand injury happen?


Thanks for that. You haven’t a clue pal. At least you’ve answered the age old question of whether WiFi exists in mental asylums. Your meltdown is quite palpable at this stage. Unlike yourself,ill get behind the team and give the management a chance. Keep fighting your good fight.


I don’t believe any of us are in a position to decide if any other poster on here attend games! Don’t think them type of personal comments are actually necessary! Debate is good. Other stuff is not IMO.


Well said that man


Sub was for DCU, I haven’t seen him togged out for Dublin yet. Cian O Sullivan is possibly the best of the young, young (if you know what I mean!) lads. He got a few minutes against Laois and that was it.

But all of this changing makes me think the championship team might be totally different to what we have seen. You could well be right in what you said earlier that anyone with a hint of an injury is being rehabbed.


It is very difficult to see how players who got little game time during the league campaign, could possibly, be fit enough for championship battle in May. The basic team won’t change that much.
The Dublin hurling championship is on the weekends of the 7th and 21st April so Pat Gilroy & management team will have only three weeks to work on a game plan and tactics etc and to integrate players from Cuala and players returning from injury, into the team. While Cuala players will add experience, it is very hard to see what impact any new players will have in the current set up, they won’t solve the current problems. They are returning to a totally new team as most have not been involved since Gilroy took over. This year has to be put down to gaining experience for a new management team.


the main thing in his favour is the competition format. It’s possible Gilroy was using the league as an experimental tool because he knows the Leinster round robin will give us a few games to learn from if nothing else. We’ll be very disjointed compared to the other teams though who have had a full pick through the league (other than injuries).

I just hope we can get some of the walking wounded back.


Poor Pat.
The clubs will in some cases only have 5 days to do what he will have 21 days to do. More if you allow for the Fact that he has had access to “his” players up until now too. I am aware that Mattie Kenny has held the Cuala boys back but sure that’s life and life is tough,


There’s some amount of bitches on this thread!



An aul’injury update would be nice


That’s all fair enough I think


yea, on the money, really wish we could get an update on the injuries at some stage. frustrating not knowing what stage lads are at. suspect we’ll see a good few of them playing club hurling over the next few weeks … hopefully!


Might be easier to get the winning 6 numbers in the Lotto! :grinning: