Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Don’t think ya can go that wishful think but

  1. Nolan
  2. Smyth/Gough
  3. C. O’Callaghan
  4. O’Donnell
  5. Moran
  6. Crummy
  7. Barrett (I am wondering what they can do with Rushe!!)
  8. O’Connell
    10 Sutcliffe
    11 Keaney
  9. Treacy / Whitley
    13 Burke/Ryan
    14 Dillon
    15 Hayes


As water boys??




That a serious plus.


Well thats the league done as crazy as that sound so early in the year. Id like to see this team or close to it start come chapionship…but it wont.

C. O’Callaghan
S Treacy
Burke(Schutte if playing…get the rosary beeds out)


Interesting teams.

Paul Schulte is a real loss. I think a defense of

Schutte - C. O’Callaghan - O’Donnell
Moran - Rushe - Crummy

Is pretty bloody good. Barrett never looks as comfortable in the corner for me. Maybe Durkin in there is he gets over whatever is wrong with him. Has Barrett ever played midfield?

Not sure about playing Burke and Ryan in the same FF line - too similar for me so it’s a straight shootout and for now I think Paul Ryan is more accurate on the frees. Sean Tracy in the corner? Clever player and can take a score.

Need to get Dillon back, he has been our most consistent forward over the last few years. Get him close to goal.


I worry about Burke on the frees to be honest, I don’t think he is at the inter county free taker level yet. I am torn between Treacy or Ryan. I rate Ryan as a player more then others here might do I think, but then again Treacy has days where it all happens for him. So I guess my solution would be one from the two according to form.

Although there are differences in the teams posted above, me, @Charlie_13 , @petergriffin , @Tayto , I think substantively they are all reasonably similar.

But there are things I don’t like about any of the options. I don’t think O Callaghan is a commanding enough full back, a great corner back, but not a full back. And in the full forward line I would only have Dillon as a definite and would really struggle on the other two (and we have to fit in the free taker). I would really like at least two players to come out of left field for the next games, particularly a speedy, skilful forward (Sean Treacy?)

I wouldn’t be giving up on Peter Kelly either though, although i know nothing about his progress. I know he had a very serious injury, but that was two years ago and he is playing senior club. It’s not like they are trying to bring a guy back from tipping about at junior B. Kelly was the one player we had with the complete range, having him back to where he was would be a game changer.


It’s the forwards where we’re really all over the shop. Hayes had done well in his first two games but wasn’t great v tipp but then that’s only his third game, so it’s understandable. I was thinking Gough in the corner but he really struggled with Breen.


Yea Gough was way off his man the 2bd day. Very experienced though!


I was actually surprised Hayes was called ashore so early. I thought the ball was at least sticking with him a bit, At the time he went off, I don’t think ROD had had the ball in his hands.


They are training double sessions tomorrow also and Saturday. They are then going back to the clubs with championship for some 5 days later. Those who wondered why we have so many injuries above should take this into account. Complete madness.


Hayes looked tired to be me after 15/20 minutes, he struggled against the Tipp corner back and was always a yard off the pace when chasing “poor” balls in the corner. Mentally he was beaten. But he is young and will have learnt a lot more on Sunday than his previous game against Laois.


Daragh O’Connell was excellent for Cuala when he went to corner back to mark Breen, He could be a viable option in the corner


I think O’Callaghan might not dominate the whole line but generally he can go on the best forward and keep the score down/scoreless; the three in the full back line should need less minding…and all able to go man on man…

Also I’d have Mark Schutte competing at 14 with Dillon…so i think that’s 24 genuinely pushing …

plus I haven’t mention Maguire/Paul Ryan/Cronin/Sean Treacy /O’Dwyer who could be in there as well

then the likes of Durkin Kelly have been this level before

Cian Boland i think still has to do it consistently

then a lot of younger lads who can develop and have time Gray/Crummy/Brennan etc.

just trying to look at things positively…if U21s can go well as well maybe someone can push on…good setup there and a few of the Senior best performers are available to them.


He was excellent. He’s really grown into a very good hurler. Should make the jump to good county player this summer with the extra games we should have.


Paul schutte is a huge loss…if hes captain of that Cuala team with so many leaders itll just tell you how influential he is seen. Very quick fast and strong anddogged as hell he’d obviously start in the corner in my time if he wasnt injured. Our strong back seven is as good as any other teams. Its where the real quality skillful players are required up front we are just lacking because we dont produce enough of them.


Are we basing Eoghan Conroy’s chances of playing on his performance vs Cork in the league last year? I remember he was savage that night, may have gotten MOTM, then was fairly anonymous for remainder of the year.


A player any player should be judged by consistency rather than just one isolated performance. In this case Conroy has talent. But will take time for him to develop into a consistently good player.


Absolutely…consistency is the key. Thats what seperates the likes of Tipp they never fail to turn up.


I am basing it on his displays at minor and U21. Even at senior, he didn’t get much of a run after that Cork game, I think only one more start.

We have had a number of out-standing under age players in recent years. Cian Boland was one of the best U21s in the country, McBride was the best player on the field against KK U21 last year and was one of the best minors in the country a few years ago. Bennett was an outstanding minor and U21. AJ Murphy was an outstanding U21. None of these guys have ‘failed’ at senior, for a variety of reasons, mainly injury, they just never got much of a run. But we just cannot pass over practically a generation of serious talent. If we have to play them through their learning curve, it needs to be done. Look at Burke, a fine hurler, but I have no idea why he is getting to start all the time ahead of older guys who were equally as good at minor but weren’t given the chance. Conroy and Boland are three year minors, it is nearly unheard of for those guys not to make a big splash at senior.

Boland was very promising in the little stretches he played in the league. There is no reason he can’t be bought back to where he was (if he is not there already). We have a fine collection of hurlers, a lot of whom seemed to get lost or something for the last few years. I don’t really understand what happened, but nearly every injury seems to be close to career ending for guys (well intercounty career anyway).

We don’t have enough hurlers in the county to lose guys to football and then lose another cohort of our best for no apparent reason. At this stage McBride, Conroy, Boland and Crummy are out of U21 and should be the mainstay of the team, yet only one is playing regularly. Unless we get those three, plus Kelly who I think was our best of the Daly era back we are going nowhere. We can’t keep going to the well for new talent, and discarding what we have.