Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


We need a solid Free Taker, I know Treacy missed a few on Saturday but he was 12 from 12 in the drawn game. Should know where Kelly is once the Dublin Championship gets going, Lucan badly need, especially if Crummey is out long term.


I know O Donnell is an exceptional player. But to have him play at 4 and 9 is a bit of a stretch! :grinning: I take it you mean O Connell. He was in great form in the Club. Final and replay!


Stopping play will not make the medic reach the player any quicker. They are permitted to enter the pitch if a player appears to be badly injured. It has been know to happen that a player may fake an injury to try to disrupt play :wink:


Absolute nonsense from start to finish. So Gilroy told you his plan is to let the young lads sink or swim without having any other plan? Or you picked this up from your observations? Evidence of a plan? I think not. There was no sarcasm in my last post. I just called you on bullshitting and I am doing it again. You have as much a clue about Gilroy’s thoughts as Stormy Daniels has so stop waffling.


O Callaghan will be in the full back line whether Kelly is fit or not even though I have impressed with Smyth.

Boland and Mc Bride are miles off being championship standard.


I fully appreciate the fake element of it! But if play is allowed to continue. Say for example in an All Ireland final and there are a few medical people on the pitch doing what they have to do in fairness! And their presence on the field prevents a player get on the ball to score or clear a ball! Just putting it out there!


Again you use insults and sarcasm to get your point across. And as for calling me out on bullshitting? How old are you,12?
You put no counterarguments to many of my points in my original post,yet you act like a petulant child in your subsequent reply’s. If your not careful you’ll wind up rocking back and forth in your living room occasionally screeching “Mattie Kenny” at your traumatised budgie. Keep fighting the good fight. Another election in 3 years.


I said you were bullshitting. You were and you still are. There were no cogent arguments in any of your posts that anyone would bother with. You spoofed that Gilroy has a plan. When I asked what it was, you said it was a three year plan and that he was letting the young lads sink or swim. Apart from the fact that this is fantasy on your part, if Gilroy has any awareness of what happened with a similar plan against Tipp in the league last year, it’s highly unlikely he set forth with a similar notion. When I speak of a plan, I mean a plan for puckouts, a plan for scoring goals, a plan to beat particular teams. Every time you reply, you dig yourself deeper into a hole. Tell Skippy I was asking for him!


It’s all about opinions, but Boland was on the national u21 team of the year 3 years ago and McBride was our best u21 against kk last year by a mile. I think it would be fair enough to argue other guys are better, but I don’t think it’s valid to say they aren’t championship standard.

But listen, I posted it as a discussion topic. If things are definite like O Callaghan definitely full back and Boland and McBride definitely not good enough, I guess the discussion is over…


That’s unfair, how can anyone outside the camp know what the specific plans are? And anyone that does know shouldn’t be putting it up here.


Wi-Fi, I posted that there did not appear to be any plan for our play on the pitch. No discernible pattern. It appears random. If someone says that there is one, I am obviously going to ask what it is!


O Connell of course - I will go back and edit it. Cheers…

@edberg Good point re the free taker. We do need one. I am not convinced by Treacy as one though, he is very good but his technique is a bit weird and he pays for it some days. Ryan is better at the frees… in hindsight I would squeeze one of them in.


Fair enough, but it is a question without an answer unless you are in the camp. I can’t see a pattern either, but no matter what your opinions of the appointment I think it must be accepted that they will be working towards a plan, either now or in the near future.

Personally I think everything has to be tempered by the knowledge that we probably don’t even have half our first team on the field and we have played games with guys who might not even make the panel.

I think you are dead right to question the appointment, and if goes wrong people will be damaged by it. But, I think it is made now and it is too soon to judge anything.

I will nail my colours to the mast and say that I think in the long term it could be good. But I wouldn’t bet the house on it. I think under Kenny, when we get everyone back we would be a top 8 team, but I think under Gilroy he can change the culture and make it a top 4 in 3 years. But that is opinion, I don’t have any facts and figures to back that up, and I am not unconcerned by the league campaign. It was a lot worse then I expected. But mind you, so is the injury situation.


Unsure if mentioned above as havent read back over.
Been informed on first hand advice, Gilroy hasn’t released dubs players back to clubs yet. Has kept them for further training (or flogging you might call it, LoL)
With Club champ starting in what, 10days…
But I suppose, April is clubs month, not the last 4days in March!


I want Gilroy to succeed. I hope he does. I agree with you about the longer term. It’s just that I feel certain things are missing from the management already such as the ability to read a match, to make changes, to read the opposition etc. I hope they improve in these areas or take another experienced hurling person on board. I am not remotely looking for Gilroy’s head and I would be delighted if a Dub could make a job of it!


GAA said April was club month. Club managers will quite legitimately say it’s not April. Sure they’re playing nothing in Donegal in April anyway.

It’s a joke


Well i agree, its all a joke the whole April shit. But what has he got yo gain keeping them for training… a meeting to review game is more than adequate…
They done a double training session today, morning and evening…


Cast your football mind back to 09 and 10. After the Mordor game in particular, I was as disillusioned a Dubs fan as there ever was. Heck, I even left before the Mordor game when they put 5 goals past us, and I felt liberated and heck it, even justified in hating Pat Gilroy. But he proved something to me and I’ve never forgotten it. Never.

As a Ballymun man in particular, who has been the centre of ridicule from his club mates, this chap needs to be given the opportunity. Let him prove what he can do with a team. A sports team. He is a natural team leader. A natural winner. I am willing to give him the couple of years. And not even begrudgingly so! Yes, I don’t fully understand the appointment, but then again, if I was as good as John Costelloe, I wouldn’t be doing the job I do now… Neither would you!!! :slight_smile:


Jaysus :joy: youre posting the same shite time after time, ever since Gilroy didn’t bring some Parnell hurlers out for a trial


Ryan would be ahead of Tracey on frees for me! Having said that Tracey nailed a high pressure free on Paddy’s day. Burke is not bad either. But I would not have all 3 on the field together. 65’s and long distance frees also need to be taken into account. I think it’s actually a different skill. Moran is good at long frees as is McCaffery! The whole thing is about balance though. The guys that can offer something extra from play are the ones that will get the nod! Carrying a guy just for his free taking skill is a risky business!