Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I thought so too initially, just overhead the medic then saying broken foot. Sure we’ll hear soon enough.


He might have said “good thing it hit his leg, otherwise he’d have broken his foot”


Its fair game if you ask me.


Judging from outside on something like this is impossible. Unless you know the ins and outs of it, you don’t know, to be honest.

By the same criteria that Kenny should have got the job, then Tommy Conroy should have got the football job. Even more so actually, because Vincents wouldn’t have had the same depth in talent that Cuala does (in hurling). But also, there were plenty of other people that could have been approached. Given Daly’s move to Crokes, I think he could have been persuaded back also. So it wasn’t a case of Gilroy or Kenny. It looks like the DCC considered where we had been left and what it would take to get us out of it. They had tried the traditional hurling man who had selecter experience along side a top manager (and success at college level management) and it was an unmitigated disaster.

Second guessing something we weren’t part of is nearly a waste of time because it can’t be done. All we can do is judge the results and three months is too short for that. It is this time next year that matters.

I am not a Gilroy defender by any means. From his football management I think he sees the big picture and goes for it, but he wouldn’t have the nuance of the likes of Gavin. But… I think the following has to be factored in

  • we are coming from a really bad place and it needed someone to change the entire culture and set up.
  • we have an incredible injury crisis.
  • Cuala lads not available and now only coming in weeks before the championship.
  • it is only 3 months in.

I fear for the future because of two things

  1. If Cuala keep winning Dublin and Leinster, it will ruin Dublin. Not because the players aren’t there, but because they won’t be truly part of the panel and culture. They will be lads parachuted in a month before championship.

  2. The amount of injuries we have has to be more then coincidence. There must have been some shortcomings in the conditioning / rehabbing in the past and this needs fixing.

Bar we get some miraculous returns from injury. This year is a right off. Even with that, probably half the team hasn’t had any sort of pre-season training.


You have to remember that all applies to Anthony Cunningham too, who it was known was on the Gilroy ticket. Even more so in fact as he was actually the manager and got them to another Final. Several people here have pointed to Cunningham’s record with Galway in a negative light (or derogatory references to him being a football manager), the pro-Kenny camp can’t have it both ways.

As said, my understanding is that he was wishy washy on key areas of concern to the selection committee. He compared very poorly with Gilroy in this regard, who bluntly and unambiguously answered all such queries. They knew where they stood with Giller, ultimately not really with Kenny.

As a matter of interest, what grounds does anybody who believes we should have appointed Kenny have for believing he wouldn’t have left us to take up the Galway job next time it’s available (which could be as soon as this autumn)?


Anyone know what level Mickey Whelan is involved in the coaching. He’s a selector and i assume he has big input in S&C. But his forte has always been skills training and tactics so i’d be keen on how hands on he is on the training pitch.

I think MW has been an outstanding servant for the benefit of Dublin and sport in general and continues to be, but not meaning to be ageist, it must be a big ask for someone whose over 80 to be as handson as he was 10 years ago in what is a secondary sport for him


Nearly read that as handsome 10 years ago :laughing:


Not broken lucky enough, so he may not be out for too long.


I would assume he isn’t hands on and is more there to give direction then actually deal with the minutiae of training. As I understand the goal, from a physical perspective, is to give the players a bit more strength and bulk (and hopefully injury resistance). I am sure that can be achieved by giving direction rather then laying out cones etc.

I am sure there are loads of people out there who know how to build up an individual to maximise their performance, but there wouldn’t be a whole heap who know how to apply that to a big panel and how to achieve that while navigating a championship season. Whelan is actually a PhD I think, there isn’t a whole heap of them lying around in this discipline.


There is a god!


Any ligament damage? Can take as long as a broken bone to heal. If its just bruising then a couple of weeks rest should see him sorted.


Great news! Our best player the last few years.


Not questioning Gilroy as totally agree he needs way more time.

Just can’t fathom why Kenny wasn’t the number one candidate.

You can see signs of progress on Sunday. The work rate and closing down has improved. Our skills breaking down under pressure is his biggest challenge. Some lads are so far off the pace they will never get to the required level, and Gilroy or Kenny won’t fix that. It’s a matter of getting our best possible 15 on the pitch for May and get them to stick to the plan for 70 minutes.


Some serious inconsistencies by referees with regards injuries! This is not an anti Dublin thing. It happens in most games where a player goes down injured and the ref allows play to carry in around them. Including re starts where the game could be held up to complete the treatment. Then again some lads get a slight knock and the ref stops the game. Last Sunday was there was a typical example wheee Chris Crummy was badly injured ( Nothing to do with cards being issued Just safety issues) The ref allowed the game to continue. A short while later a Tipp lad took a slight knock in comparison to the Crummy incident. This time the ref stops play and waits for player to recover before re starting the game! There actually needs to be a rule in place and if there is already one it should be adhered to! T


The plan is finding out who has the constitution for the job ahead. A lot of the current players are getting a genuine run at senior county level and it looks like Gilroy is letting them sink or swim,as it should be at this level. Its quite straight forward actually. Its a 3 year plan. And lastly,sarcasm is not your forte. You can dismiss all the relevant points I made,but trying to belittle it in its entirety while only picking up on one point for your argument smacks of desperation on your part. Don’t worry about it,you agenda is quite transparent. I’ve answered your rebuttal so you can dismiss that as well.


There is no hard and fast rule in the rule book. However, the verbal instructions given to refs is to allow play to continue unless they deem it to be a serious injury or happened immediately in the path of play (eg right in front of goal). Again, down to referee interpretation!!
Can’t comment on the examples you have above.


Just for the craic, here is my championship 15. This is based on everyone being fit and assuming that people are playing at the form they can play at. I know there is a load of assumptions in there, and some wishful thinking - all criticisms of it valid except for the one that someone told me here once - that I was wasting my time hoping!


O Donnell


O Connell

Boland (Cian)

McBride (Riain)

Again, Kelly is an aspiration, not a suggestion!

Looking at those forwards again, we probably need a bit of zip and more creativity in there. Colin Currie is very young I think, but I would have liked to see him having had a shot already. Or AJ Murphy who is injured. But someone of that ilk is needed.

Smith could fit in at corner back just as easy, hasn’t done much wrong all league


I’d add Cian O’Callaghan,David Treacy and Mark Schutte…


I would like Schutte, but I assume he will be footballing. Treacy I thought strongly about but I am not sure where to put him. He brings a lot on the ball, but he won’t win a lot of it. Maybe O Callaghan in the corner on my team, but in reality I assume he will be full back as Kelly probably won’t be ready (I think, although I have no idea where he is at. But I assume a guy that can play senior club hurling and is an All Star full back can be bought back up to speed in the six months since the club championship finished).


As I say I wasn’t certain if such a rule existed. But if it’s left to the ref to call it as he sees it on the day. Then that makes the Crummy incident even worse from the refereeing point of view. I except you didn’t see Sunday incidents to compare them. But the mind boggles with all the emphasis on health and safety how it’s not brought into the rule book!