Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Thought he looked in a lot of discomfort leaving the field on Saturday alright. Wishing him a speedy recovery!


He didn’t convince the DCB he was truly committed to a 3 year term. In fact he didn’t convince in general. Gilroy did. That’s why he got the job. Not sure if Kenny was under the impression that the interview process was a rubber stamping of his appointment but if so he was very wrong.

Correct. He won’t be involved.

Saying all that, I would have expected people more knowledgeable on hurling to be involved and think another appointment of somebody suitably qualified is badly needed here. If nothing else, so that Cunningham has a genuine peer to counter argue calls, bounce ideas off etc.


Everyone knew it was between Gilroy and Kenny so he had every right to think it was just to be rubber stamped.
The problem we have is when the Gilroy experiment is over what hurling man is going to go for the job just in case the Dublin minor football manager from a couple of years ago wants it and he won the all Ireland a few years back


Article says it might be off the bone, so will do well to return at all if that’s the case.


Thought it was a dirty as **** pull on Crummy meself, ref saw nothing wrong


Took Canning at least 6 months when his hamstring separated.


No he didn’t. There were question marks and weak points in Kenny’s CV that meant he was no shoo-in. He’d never managed a Senior Intercounty team and as the previous incumbent proved, no amount of coaching experience qualifies you for that. There was the question of his commitment to a 3 year term (which I know was a key point for the County Board), especially as he has publicly expressed his interest in the Galway job on more than one occasion. How he’d handle the issue of dual players and those who had opted out under Ger Cunningham. The feedback I got (and I’ve every reason to believe it’s impartial and accurate) is that he failed to convince on any of these points. That basically, they were none the wiser where he really stood on any of these issues after the interview than they had been before it. I suspect even had Gilroy not been in the running, they’d have reopened the process to find another candidate at that stage.


if we had a manager who had managed either a club or county hurling team before right n ow, with the same results, would there be s similar outcry?


You have some chip on your shoulder parnellshurler.

Gilroy is a proven manager in both football and business. His coach managed Galway for a number of years and came quite close to winning an AI. Already the ship has been steadied.

Over the last number of months we wouldn’t have done any better if Cody was managing us. We have been missing the Cuala lads and as a county we are short on quality, that’s the reality and I think adding a few Parnells lads would have made no difference.:wink:

Just to be clear, Gilroy didn’t apply for the job, he was asked to take it, he has no ego, takes no expenses and despite his very busy work schedule has taken this on to try and improve Dublin hurling, for this I think he should be commended.

Many of his decisions over the last month’s have left me baffled also, team selections, players he has dropped, players he has brought in etc, but I had the same thoughts 10 years ago and that football experiment worked out ok.

So I say give the man a chance, players with poor technical ability is a legacy issue and not Gilroys fault, it will take time to rectify.

If you care about Dublin hurling as much as you say you do Parnellshurler perhaps your time might be better served coaching some of your juvenile section rather than sitting in front of your keyboard.


Surely Pat O’Neill is the next obvious choice. He won an all Ireland with Dublin didn’t he.


Add Bill Cullen as selector for his proven track record as a businessman and we’ll be flying


Michael O’Leary might be better … for the flying bit anyways …


Unbelievable that the referee failed to take action on this incident. He threw the ball in to restart play. So not like it happened off the ball when referee had his back turned. To compound matters the linesman was standing right behind the incident but it would appear he needs to accompany the Referee to Specsavers! Should IMO been a Red card. Even Tipp people sitting behind me yesterday admitted as much.


That’s great if you’re looking for a football manager or business man. DCB were supposed to be looking for a hurling manager. And they turned down one of the best in the land. Just take a look at what Cuala won before Mattie Kenny arrived.


I hope Gilroy is down in Dalkey today celebrating and signing everyone up while they are all in good form :slight_smile:


Kenny has done an excellent job but his arrival coincided with a generation of quality hurlers at cuala. No denying he has brought them on but the raw materials were there.


A bit like Hogan with the Boden 5 in a row???


Where is he now as it looks like Gilroy is here for a while someone like Hogan with him would be massive and would have no problem giving his opinion


I’m not sure what he is up to, he is still around the club, you’d see him at matches regularly. He stepped down from his Director of Development with Offaly last year. He might be open to an approach!!!


Hopefully Gilroy hears about that and gets on to him straight away might not have enough football experience to be a selector unfortunately