Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Anyone for Greg Kennedy, give him actual authority and run that money grabbing ignoramus Anthony Cunningham to hell…

How the hell can a team with a man down win uncontested short puckouts


Because we played the extra man in the full back line! Madness!


Not sure what the plan was, but it went pear shaped, didn’t see any attempt to rectify it. That’s a worry.


They took on a management team that wouldnt get a club team normally, so I put nothing past the personal preferences of one John Costello


Plan !!!


And that’s the big problem Costello pushed for this set up and the big question has to be why


We will always be speculating… i still think Kenny will be involved with Dublin, as the main man in 2019 if not as a coach in 2018


Why would he be go into be an "assistant "


Hang on… i’ll call him now and ask him!..
I detailed above my left field theory. Its either that or Gilroy for 3yrs…


I’m genuinely wondering why a proven senior hurling manager would be expected to go in as acoach and answerable to someone with minimal hurling knoeledge…

Not a personal pop at you at all…

I make no bones for my belief that the wrongest iteam possible was appointed by JC


I dont think he actually will go in as a no.2…
Either Gilroy will be there for 3yrs or he’s keeping Kennys seat warm untill 2019…
But purely because worst case he’s not available until, say, now, i wouldnt be surprised to see him in 2018 in some capacity… Even behind the scenes and we dont know about it… not saying its likely, just for championship, we might do with his expertise

Don’t worry, im a res dubs user, i dont take things as a personal pop haha


One other question…
Assuming everyone here agrees Kenny couldn’t take the job and abandon Cuala commitments ( and double jobbing isnt a viable option) if Gilroy shouldnt have gotten it, who else is available that would???
A.Cunningham on his own? He’s already there, so clearly a lack of belief in him as a sole no.1…


Tommy Conroy was the next choice surely


Think that would be too awkward. Needs to be a takeover, when the time is right. It;s a perilous situation right now but we should be able to get the result we need if lads available. Gilroy is the best man to take on such a mental challenge at least.

But by jaysus, the damage done in the GCunningulusham era…


You’re probably right. Not sure how his relationship with Anthony Cunningham ended before.


That’s a very valid point re their relationship!


Seems Paul Schutte is out for the season



Any update on Chris Crummey injury ? Big blow if he’s out long term…


The entire Kenny ‘couldn’t commit’ to the job etc is rubbish. He wanted it. He just didn’t get it. Gilroy did. There is no master plan for him to be involved.
Crummy injury looked very bad. He will certainly miss Lucans upcoming games. Another excuse.