Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Back to my original point Alan I would fully agree with you if he had managed Vincent’s for a couple of years to some success and then became Dublin manager but he had no right to even applying for the job let alone get it and to then install his football back room was the final straw for me,so no he is judged on what we see and that is a man without a clue but as much as it annoys me that he has the job I hope he does well but it won’t happen until someone has a word with him about bringing in some hurling people


Not calling for replacement. I’d agree that’s daft.
Though I still have serious questions over why he was appointed over Kenny. And I do think he’s getting a pass on a lot of things that other managers wouldn’t.

What for you would success mean this year?


I’m not calling for a replacement. However he needs to bring a hurling person on board who can read a game and he needs to listen to that person.


Won’t happen his ego won’t allow him admit he was wrong


He has shown on multiple occasions that he is absolutely clueless when it comes to hurling .


It’s way to early to be calling for anyone’s head and it’s daft to for people to suggest otherwise.
But surely you can understand why people are annoyed at this moment. We’ve seen no progress this year what so ever. Our touch and striking is no where near the required standard and the worrying thing is does Gilroy know this?
We don’t seem to have a game plan especially on puck outs?


Did Seán Boylan manage in Meath club football before he got the county job. His background was hurling and nothing like the experience gilroy has from the football.


Lads im going to throw it out there… and bear with me… here’s a theory… which has NOTHING to do with results, form, touch or number of players used… just a theory which IMO isn’t highly unlikely.

Matty couldn’t commit to Dublin as with Cuala.
DCC didn’t want to take on just A.Cunningham on his own as he wouldn’t come & go in a year and would actually want a full term on his own… (stay with me) but also because he is not actually no.1 or 2 choice for the gig anyway…

A big ego & personality is needed to;
A) Bring back the lads outcasted
B) Settle the ship after a dreadful previous few yrs.
So they turn to someone who is willing to serve Dublin for a year for the better good of Dublin hurling but also a huge personality to put serious discipline on the camp.

Gilroy puts his name in the hat & DCC offer it to him but wit A.Cunningham on board as the hurling coach etc etc etc…

DCC announce a 3yr term so there is long term buy in from players & supporters but in the background, Kenny spends his time from effectively now, taking time out, travelling to games to scout for future development but sit at a high level, pressure free, to assess the situation…

Gilroy steps down having done points A&B above (which was the plan all along) and Kenny takes over for 2019 League onwards…

Those who know best (and Gilroy personally) will say im off the wall mad, but while i am a big supporter of the risk and believe Gilroy could actually do a job if he did stand a full term, given a straight choice, all other hurdles removed, i would (and i think most would) prefer & pick Kenny…

And to finish, @parnellshurler has already won the award of “off the wall comments of the weekend” so im entitled to a free pass :sunglasses:


Splendid plan , why exactly is Kenny stepping down ? New challenge or nothing else to achieve ?Tbh I’m a big fan of going out at the top .


Haha - I suppose we are all assuming Kenny will step down… probably has a 10year contract with Cuala :joy::joy:… in any case, I believe he craves a county gig and when is a better opportunity than to walk into a County on its knees and resurrect it… having also done a B2B Club All Ire in the mean time…


The replacement thing was for someone else.

Success? Well imho we are exactly where we would be right now irrespective of manager. We were never getting out of 1B without a full squad.

Two championship wins would be ok. And if a dublin team doesn’t win Leinster next year then making a serious fist of getting out of 1B.

If those things don’t materialize then yes the manager will be under pressure.

Right now he’s done as well as anyone could have with the resources available while looking at a heap of players.

Twelve months from now you’ll have a bunch of material to go on.


We’re five months in without a full squad and experimenting like mad.

I just posted what I thought would be a successful year. Anyone else want to have a go?

NO manager coming into the situation as it was was going to do a whole lot better in the first few months.


I’m not basing it on results though which isn’t fair to judge them on so far, I’m basing it on basic progress like our skill set is shocking at times, our game plan is all over the place. We’ve no set up on ours or oppositions puckouts. We are playing players who have finished at this level a long time ago. We haven’t played 70 mins of hurling yet were we’ve gone flat out with high intensity.
I think we will only beat Offaly in leinster and maybe push Kilkenny close in Parnell Park and after that depends on the draw who we get.


How things change. Seems like only yesterday that Cuala were winning back to back All Ireland club hurling titles …


After yesterday and today my comments don’t seem of the wall what there are is someone who hates to see Dublin hurling going so badly at county level and believes it is because we picked the wrong man and no amount of give Gilroy some time will change the fact we should have picked Kenny


I wouldn’t be taking anything for granted vs Offaly. As of now would have them as favorites against us. We are utterly clueless at the minute

Lose that game and we’re not just out of the Leinster championship 2018 we’re likely to not even be in the Leinster championship in 2019. All going well we might be competitive in the Christy Ring / Joe macDonagh cup - whatever it is they are now calling it.

There’ll be no 3 year plan if we end up in there!


Your missing a vital point my friend… Kenny WAS NOT available for the entire league which is Championship Preparation!
Hence where i get my theory from


Do we know that why go for a job he couldn’t take alot of times on this people say stuff to suit there point of view as in Kenny couldn’t take the job till Cuala where out of championship I don’t believe that


Kenny sounded like he was leaving cuala after the match yesterday. Would be good if he came on board as a coach/selector?


Is that not what you’re doing now…
Do you seriously think DCB would take on a manager not available, at least potentially not at the time the decision was made, for the entire league campaign