Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


You only dislike gilroy as there is no Parnells hurlers on the county panel


I wish it was Alan but unfortunately Pat Gilroy is Dublin hurling manager I’ll say that again Pat No experience of Hurling Gilroy is Dublin hurling manager one more time Pat Gilroy not Mattie Kenny is Dublin hurling manager and is a joke a fact and above all else the worst decision Dublin county board have ever made but not delusional nonsense


The way we are playing that’s the only thing he got right


How will you cope if he actually does well?


If Cuala can agree to get knocked out early next year the lads should be in good fettle for county.


I will always want Dublin to do well and with the underage teams we had add a couple of Parnells lads even Gilroy should do well but wont because as annoyed as I was that he got the job over Kenny to appoint his football selectors shows he will not succeed


Pat Gilroy hs been successful in everything he has done. It’s a left field appointment but he deserves some respect and to be given a fair chance.

You are also completely disregarding Anthony Cunningham. The Galway hurling connections I know have huge regard for him as a hurling manager & coach. He deserves a bit of respect also.

I’m not overly impressed with how things have gone so far but I’m happy to give Pat a fair chance and see how it goes. When he has a full squad and time to get his team prepared will see how it looks then.

A lot of fixing to be done after the utter disaster that was the last manager. Oh yes and he was a hurling man. Go figure!


Simple question: Do you think Dublin management would be in a better place if they had Moran (MOTM today and in drawn game) O Callaghan Tracey x2 O Connell Cronin Mark Schutte Malone available? It’s a fairly obvious answer really.


:+1:t2: Can’t please everyone 3 months into the job and you want him out hope he proves you wrong


Do you think all will start
So Cuala (best ever Dublin team ) by the way but only a couple of points better than crokes will have 7 starters to crokes 2


Dublin beat Mayo by 1 point. Would take 14 Dubs plus Keegan in joint team.


All very good points but i lost respect for Gilroy when he appointed his footballing selectors to the hurling team set up
On Cunningham he had Kenny as one of his selectors
Finally on Kenny we played Cuala 4 years ago in the senior championship in kennys first year managing them they beat us by 1 point from a last minute sideline cut 4 years later they are double all ireland champions we are senior B


Come on there goal keeper is a double all star ours is a Parnells man


Ah yeah the Mayo lad who kicked the ball over the sideline when his team were behind in last minute of AIF and got all star for it.

Not in a million years would we swap Cluxton for Clarke or any other goalkeeper!!


I think 5 would start. The remainder would improve our bench. You never answered my question. Do you think the players I mentioned would help/improve the management’s situation? For the record I do believe they would. Assuming of course they all buy in to joining Gilroy’s panel.


I think they should split Dublin for hurling so the most of us don’t end up having to support a team of Ssiders.


Of course they would improve the team but 3 maybe 4 will start and the biggest thing we are missing from Cuala is the manager and that’s my point


:joy::joy::joy: some man with that statement :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Maybe Kenny didnt get the Dublin job so he can take a trip to Coolock… ya’s love a good outsider anyway €€€€


One reason Kenny didn’t get the Dublin job ( not the only reason!) was that he had committed to Cuala until the end of their season. Their season ended today!!!
So he could have been the Dublin Manager and not available to Dublin until this Sunday. No sense in that. Gilroy on the other hand has tried nearly 40 players in league and Walsh cup games to date with several big names - not all from Cuala- still to play. I would be confident that when he gets the squad that he wants, gets them conditioned properly and playing to the tactics he wants we will have a team that will be in the mix when trophies are on offer.
To condem a manager when he is still checking out the talent available is plain silly, or maybe you are sore that he hasn’t given you a run?