Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I’d say they factor in his (football) All Ireland and club All Ireland as a player and All irleand as a manager and think, wow, I’d kill for one of them…


True dat. But you know how cliquey them whrishty fellas do be, hi.


Do you why
A lot of the top hurling management have all the above in hurling
I say they are thinking what was the Dublin board thinking
Ryan from Tipperary
Galway manager
Offaly manager all have won as much if not more than Pat but in hurling


I know i still am
Pat is the manager so we get behind him but let’s not call it something it is not
It was a left field call and hopefully it works but it is still a football man with a backroom made up of football coaches


But surly Anthony Cunningham who brought Galway to within 35 mins of winning an all Ireland title knows a thing or two about hurling? And I’m not talking man management here. That’s clearly Pat Gilroy’s area of expertise! Mickey Whelan knows a thing or two about fitness and S&C So a combination of all 3 possibly will bring us forward somewhat!


Absolutely it’s left field. But there is a logic there too. It was left field when he was given the footballl job too. Like yourself, I have no idea how it will work out, but the Offaly game apart I like what I have seen so far.


I think Mickey Whelan coached lots of DIT hurling teams back in the day, too.


Good win for DCU this evening v DIT. They are now through to final on February 24th v UL. Dublin play Galway in Parnell Park the following day. So will possibility be missing a few lads for galway game. O Donnell and Donal Burke plus 3 or 4 other fringe players involved with DCU.







Like every decent inter county team, Cunningham wasn’t flying solo, he had the likes of Mattie Kenny and Mattie Murphy on his team.

I expected Gilroy would have appointed men with the experience and knowledge that he lacked, but he did the opposite.

Hopefully it works out but I think he’s going to be found out against the big teams.


This is my big problem with Gilroy it’s bad enough he was given the job with no hurling management experience but for him to bring in his football management team with Cunningham as a token hurling man shows his ego is running the show not his brain and it will be found out


On the basis you don’t know Gilroy, what he’s thinking or any of his management team that’s some leap in drawing condemnatory conclusions. Did you ever consider giving the man a chance before condemning him?


No I didn’t what I know is he is not a hurling manager and has no right to be the Dublin manager without at least a couple of years club playing or management in hurling
Did you ever consider all the people who would be better at the job as in any club hurling senior manager any intermediate club hurling manager or any junior hurling manager
I would go as far as anyone who has posted on this forum in the hurling sections has more experience than Gilroy


He had no experience managing football either when he got the Dublin job.

He’s had no access to the Cuala players. He has not played a championship game. And you want rid of him?



Giller was always going to get a lot of stick


Nonsense he played senior football
Consider this Gilroy no experience is Dublin hurling manager over the man that just lead Cuala to there second all Ireland and anyone that agrees with that or was involved in making that decision should hang there head in shame and Gilroy should do the right thing and walk away right now so Kenny can take the job he should have got in the first place
And yes I want rid of him


Giller as you call him should not be in the job so should not be getting any stick it’s clearly all about pats ego


Delusional nonsense.