Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


That was my point, every team has yo-yo years apart from the top 3. I can think of bad years and bad beatings over the years for Cork, Clare, Waterford, Limerick etc. No one is saying we are a Kilkenny or a Tipp, but we have been on a par with the rest (at least) over the last 8 to 10 years.

Dillon. will definitely start under the new management - we don’t have a clue what the final team will be as it is still in the early stages of formation, but I can’t think of six better forwards then Dillon. Rushe is still very solid as a CHB, I can’t think of a bad game he has had. There are games where he is not the most influential player on the field, but he is always good.

As for the rest - well it is a matter of opinion as we haven’t seen the 2018 version yet, but I would have little fear for Sutcliffe, O Donnell and very possibly Kelly. But that is up for debate, but it is a debate without a conclusion until May or so.


Suggesting that Danny didn’t play much in last two years doesn’t mean he is not a leader. Really it’s about when he was playing that counts. Rushe is the same. He has led from the front in the past. When analysing players it might be wiser to ignore the last 2 or 3 years. The mood was toxic and didn’t help anybody.


Conal Keaney is surely a leader that we have on the panel. Was he asked back for any other reason really? 15 min impact sub he may be but a leader on and off the field he is.

Hedgo has real potential to step up this year IMO in terms of offering leadership. He wouldnt be a spring chicken, not afraid to get stuck into opposition in a physical sense and has the hurling to be an effective forward for us. Hopefully he proves me right in the games ahead.


I thought he looked fitter then I have ever seen him before when he came on. Definitely his lack of conditioning would have held him back a bit in the past. If he has that sorted out, he could bring something.


Paul Ryan is back on the panel also isn’t he? Does anyone know if he is carrying an injury or anything?


must be good to go, he’s down to start Sunday


1 Alan Nolan (St Brigid’s)

2 Paddy Smyth (Clontarf)

3 Bill O’Carroll (Kilmacud Crokes)

4 Eoghan O’Donnell (Whitehall Colmcille)

5 Shane Barrett (Na Fianna)

6 Chris Crummey (Lucan Sarsfields)

7 James Madden (Ballyboden St Enda’s)

8 Cian McBride (St Vincent’s)

9 Tomás Connolly (St Vincent’s)

10 Donal Burke (Na Fianna)

11 Fergal Whitely (Kilmacud Crokes)

12 Danny Sutcliffe (St Jude’s)

13 Conal Keaney (Ballyboden St Enda’s)

14 Eamonn Dillon (Nh Fionnbarra)

15 Paul Ryan (Ballyboden St Enda’s)

I have no idea how Conal Keaney is considered to be a starter for Dublin at this stage of his life…


If you look at how bad they were last Saturday we were all in with a shout of a game. I wouldn’t write Keaney off yet, especially against Antrim. His experience will be more benefit than a hindrance.


Conal must be showing something in training! Maybe they have said to him Your in for 45 mins empty the tank. Think Daly did that with McCaffery at one point!


Does Keaney switch with Burke or Dillon?


Putting aside his background, his age etc. If you were a stranger wandering into Parnell Pk watching him play club, you would mark him down as a possible for Dublin and well worth a try out. Just because he is older, it shouldn’t mean he doesn’t get the same chance as everyone else. There are guys on that team, and especially guys on last weeks team who haven’t performed as well in club competitions recently.


I see that - had posted before the team was named. I am very interested to see how he fares out.


You’re well off the mark there.


I think he was Boden’s best player this year, but I think it’s a backward move bringing a 35 year old back. The same goes for Mc Caffrey, Ryan and Cian Mc Bride ( who wasn’t up to it when he was younger)

It’s time to develop the younger players, they are the future. There’s enough experience around the panel to bring them along.

If we have to go backwards to go forwards so be it, no future in bringing back the old guard.


The future is sort of now, if the young guys are ready they need to perform better then the older guys. They have a target now, let’s see what they do. The panel is plenty big enough to have young and old on it. We went too far towards youth in recent years…

In my opinion they just need to put the best guys out there and let them fight it out. Keaney probably won’t be a starter come championship time, but the guy who takes his place will have to be decent to get it.

My fear is actually in the other direction, I haven’t seen Burke or Whitely show they deserve their place yet. I think they will come good, but it hasn’t happened yet.


We saw last week, and last year, the futility of throwing away the experienced players and throwing in too many young lads all at the same time. McCaffrey at 30 can hardly be over the hill and the physicality of keaney could help a lot, especially at this time of year.


Leaving aside his complete lack of man management is that exactly what cunningham did and we all went ballistic… there’s a balance between youth n experience… a time n a place for both … let’s give gilroy the benefit of the doubt here in that maybe he feels that keanay n others are needed round the gaff just now …

Time will tell but we can’t analyse every decision black n white coz quite frankly it’s a mess n we have no idea how to sort it … and the mess is as much people as technical


I agree, we all did go ballistic and I think we were right. A balance is what is needed, and that seems to be where we are heading now.

But generally I think age isn’t that important, it is what happens on the field that matters. Tomorrow should be the start of the upward swing.


Good week overall for Dublin hurling. Two Dublin colleges through to the fitzgibbon semifinals with plenty of dubs involved. Dublin north through to the Leinster schools final. Cuala through to the club final.


Do other coaches of IC teams, experienced guys, great hurlers at the top level, look at Pat and say “who are ya?” I wonder how they eyeball him around games