Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


That last paragraph is very true! We have had so much success with footballers in recent years that people forget that success is relative to your current situation! So need to be realistic with our expectations for the Hurlers.


I think most of us are pretty realistic to be honest.


Sorry lads … my question is not Abouf “ if me auntie had balls she’d be me Uncle “

It’s about numbers … take the list of players U Roy mentored ( n none of them were ever gonna play or commit to hurling)

After that we have a huge bank but as lotsa guys say here we don’t produce the players despite de numbers n The Investment

Saw someone on dubs v Offaly thread be moaning lack of skills b4 throw in… Fook all to do with footballers gone … more to do with what de hell are we doing ?

Easy to say “ wake up Kildare n Meath” at Football…

Wake up Dublin at hurling imo


Interesting points in general - but I wouldn’t totally agree. I was quiet surprised with some of the crowds we got at the height of the Daly era, both the 2013 Leinster semi and AI semi were well enough attended. Sure, not in the football class of things, but it was nothing too shabby either. At other times it can be dismal right enough, but that is just the way of things, I do believe there is a decent latent support out there if the team got any form of success.

As regards how we would do without the top four clubs, I think we have a surprising spread of clubs on the senior team. Would we do as well, absolutely not, but we might not do terrible either.

If we get the full squad back, we will do ok. We are top 6 I think, and that’s fine. What we lack to go further is just athleticism - any guy who is strong, fast or tall (or all three) is being snapped up by the footballers. We have the hurlers and in some cases we have the athleticism, we just don’t have them in the same person (we did in the shape of Schutte, Kilkenny, Costello and Brady). There are exceptions though, Rushe, Sutcliffe, Crummy, Conroy, Boland (x2) and Dillon have it - but they mainly aren’t available at the moment.

I take the main point, we are not super strong in depth, but we are strong enough to be at least reaching AI semis - and from there the tradition will build.


Dont think the numbers were huge until the recent investment in GOPs etc which has seen the numbers underage grow each year for the last 10-15 years or whatever it is.

We do seem to be producing as many good players as anyone, the problem is as the minor code in a dual county the better players don’t come through to play senior hurling.

As you say, the list were probably never going to hurl senior but if they had, then the fortunes of the two codes would be very different and everyone would be saying we don’t produce footballers - that’s the point made above - it’s not just pie in the sky, the effect is huge.

It’s the very elite few players who can make a huge difference. Now whether not having dual players at minor will change that, i have my doubts but hopefully it might help.


Why are we strong enuf to compete.

2013 aside … some semi finals/ finals at underage?.. get blown outta de Water but all
Hope for the future ?

We have our heads In de sand boys




Late here tayto …lotsa players … great organisation… dare I say it “

Nuttin to do with footballers… nuttin to do with the anti Dublin cartel… nuttin to do with tradition…

All to do with after years of trying to get there n I don’t know where it’s going wrong we just ain’t producing the players


We are strong enough to compete because up until this year we were competing in Division 1A - that is sort of the definition of being strong enough to compete. We have won a host of Leinsters in the last 10 years in minor and U21, a competition which naturally enough includes Kilkenny.

Saying we aren’t strong enough to compete is a wee bit like saying that the grass isn’t green when we are standing looking at it. Of course we can compete. We are short of winning an AI or seriously pushing a top 3 side at the moment, but that is a different thing to not being strong enough to compete.


Nail on the head right there buddy!


Right enough. The main problem is we’re just not good enough to win an all ireland, but i genuinely think when we have everyone available we will be a lot closer and if we find a few players over the next 2 or 3 years we could push into the top tier again, by that i mean be able to challenge the top teams on a good day.


I think we aren’t strong enough to compete consistently though. And are lacking people in some positions that can damage teams on a regular basis like inside forwards.

Even if we get all the players back on the pitch some of them are going on reputation at this stage and some haven’t had a good year in blue in a long time.

At the present time we aren’t even in the top 8 or 9 teams in the country.


We are not top six. Galway, Tipp, Clare, Waterford, Kilkenny, Cork and Limerick are teams we would not currently expect to beat. Unfortunately Wexford and Offaly have also beaten us recently. With a full, fit team, we are not consistently top six at senior level. Also, we don’t lack athletes, we lack scoring forwards. Anyone can create the former but not the latter. As I said earlier, we need to be at the top table consistently for things to change in terms of crowds, dual players etc.


Certainly couldn’t say we’re top six currently, but that’s a goal to aim for, maybe not this year but maybe next year. Inside forwards are an issue. Hopefully lads like Burke & O’Sullivan will kick on. Maybe a curry or two next year. If Bennett finds his mojo next year maybe. Who knows. Schutte back would help.


Not sure where to put this but saw on Twitter that three absolute legends of Dublin gaa/ hurling who recently retired were honoured tonight by cumann na mbunscol…Edward o Riordan, Tom Fitzpatrick and fintan Walsh…don’t think any of them are dubs, but between them they put in countless hours promoting hurling in our schools.
Without men like them Dublin hurling would have never made the progress it has.


Three legends. The good they did for Dublin hurling has not been written down and may never be known but it was huge.


We are well down the pecking order now right enough, but that is because of the carry on of the last three years, not particularly the players. Prior to that we were consistently a division 1 team. Every team bar the top 3 ship bad enough beatings from time to time, so we are the same as most of them.

Prior to Cunningham we were top 6, top 7 on a bad year. That for me is being consistently competitive. It is a very high bar we are setting if being in the top 6 isn’t considered as competitive. How we go in the future is unknown, but I don’t see anything much stopping us going back to at least where we were. I believe we have a firmer foundation now then we ever had. I don’t think we will win an All Ireland anytime soon, but the discussion here is about being competitive, not winning All Irelands.

If I have a concern at the moment it is about what is happening to the top players from the recent U21 sides. Through injuries, form, opting out or whatever - we aren’t getting a whole host of players playing at the moment from the U21 sides of '15 and '16 (Conroy, McBride, Boland, Murphy, MacGabhan, Barrett and more), yet we are seeing a host of 2016 minors. I think it is just a collection of circumstances that are causing this and it should be ironed out later in the year.


There’s been competitive and then being consistently competitive which we haven’t been in a long time. Even under Dalo we had yo-yo years.

I haven’t seen anything from some players that have convinced me that we can be up there competitively as I believe we lack real leaders throughout the team that back up their leadership with performances.


I think there are some leaders in the panel.
O Donnell and Schutte
Rushe and Crummey
Danny and Cronin
Dillon and Winters

That’s players in every line bar midfield. McCaffery is an honest player and Durkin although probably a better half back is a mid field option and absolute leader.
Keaney and Kelly can come into the mix also. So plenty of leaders in there. The trick of course is getting them all on the field fit and well at the one time!


I wouldn’t call O’Donnell a leader yet as he has very little Intercounty experience but he certainly can be.

Rushe hasn’t backed up with a performance in a long time and is more miss than hit for me.

Danny hasn’t played a competitive game in a few years.

Trollier or Winters aren’t guaranteed starter under the last few managements

I just don’t think we’ve real leaders and when sh1t hits the fan and in close games a lot go missing