Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Good post, @Iomaint, though I think most counties would struggle without their Top 4 clubs.


Yes that’s true, but I think we would struggle more! I just don’t think that all is well under the surface, even if the seniors were top4 but the narrative about Dublin hurling is that it has been a success. I don’t agree.


The period under Daly was successful, relatively speaking. We won more under him than a lot of counties in the same period. Unfortunately, we have gone back a lot since then and that will continue to be the case when a successful football panel absorbs some of the best hurlers in the county.


Can’t agree with that.
Even if it was to be short lived thing I think it would be great boost.
It might encourage a couple of good dual players to go hurling, and it might encourage a few kids/Clubs/Parents to take up, or keep up, or put more emphasis on hurling!


So under Dalo, we won a league and a Leinster. We were talked about. What difference did that make to your club? Or to dual players? Or to crowds in Croke park? Very little, I would suggest.


By crowds in Croke Park I take it you mean Admins in suits? Because I was at both them games in 2011 and 2013 And was very proud of our lads!


Do you think the level of support was good? Comparable to football? What admins are you talking about? We were all there ffs. What has being proud of the players got to do with it? Did something I typed lead you to believe that I was not proud of the players?


Cool the jets buddy! I was only asking were you talking about the crowd small and all as it was Or crowd in suits that run Croke Park. Nothing more Nothing less! I am in no doubt that you were at both them finals and as proud as the next man! If I offended your post in any way what so ever That was not my intention!


Sorry Bluedub. I emptied the pram needlessly there! I would love us to have the same support as the footballers and for dual lads to pick hurling but I think it’s a hen egg thing. Tough to get top four without having the best players and tough to attract the best players if outside the top four!


I misunderstood your first post. Thought you were suggesting that Croke Park as in suits didn’t give a rats ass about Dublin being successful in hurling. They probably don’t if we are being honest. It might serve them well to rethink that stance. I think if Dublin did break through to win the All Ireland the crowds would pour in. Not sure if you are old enough to remember the Pre Heffo days when Dublin footballers would be lucky to get half what the Hurlers get at the moment.


For my club anyway we started up juvenile hurling, it’s still getting off the ground, but was 100% non existent before then. Worth noting that we are a small club who struggle with football at juvenile level also, but I know my club and another small club in the area have both started Hurling in the last 10 years.

Dual players it probably made no difference, but it coincided with a massively successful period for the footballers, but that won’t last forever.
i would say that crowds were greatly improved improved than before that era also? Open to correction there!

I would also love to know the numbers of kids playing hurling now compared to maybe 10 years ago, say for example U14-U16 teams in 2018 compared to 2008, @alanoc might have some idea!


I think juvenile hurling numbers are up 10% year on year last few years, whethrr that means more clubs involved is another debate though


Can’t rememeber the exact stats but yea, up a good whack every year. It really ought to reap a dividend at some point.


More darts thrown has to have s better chance


I’m fed up listening to the footballers taking our hurlers … may well be true but we still have a large paying base ( larger than most ) and somehow are not developing from there … given all the effort put in our co conversion rate to top clsss hurlers is v poor


It’s repeated endlessly because it’s true. The footballers have a huge playing base, the largest in the country, but how many All Irelands would they have won over the last seven years if say Rory O’Carroll, Bernard Brogan, Diarmuid Connolly, Ciaran Kilkenny, Johnny Cooper, Con O’ Callaghan and Cormac Costello (hasn’t featured that much but we needed his cameo in the 2016 Final), all of whom played underage Intercounty hurling and some of whom excelled in that sphere, had never played Senior football for Dublin? We’ll never know but my guess would be a big fat zero, which would have meant the old ‘gym monkeys’ and ‘bottlers’ jibes would only have increased this decade. You may say some of those were always better footballers but that’s equaled out by the loss of lads who were clearly much better hurlers (Brady, Schutte) to the football panel. In terms of the thousands of players playing Senior football in Dublin, the loss of seven to the hurling panel wouldn’t even register. Point being, you can talk all you want about numbers, at the elite level what makes the difference between being winners and also-rans is having perhaps half a dozen that are the best in their position in the country and the simple fact is that hurling has lost too many that had the potential to be that to football.


Yea i was thinking about this the other day. Pie in the sky stuff but I don’t think we’d be that far off in the hurling with those lads available and the football would be struggling compared to what they have achieved. We do actually produce a lot of good players. although you could argue we’d be lacking a wristy corner forward with Cormac’s injuries.


As things currently stand, most (dual) players who believe they have a chance of making the Championship match-day panel in football will choose football over hurling. As long as the Senior Football team is doing as well as it currently is, that will be the case. What we might hope for is that some players choose to opt out of football and play hurling instead and do so a lot sooner than Shane Ryan and Conal Keaney did. Even that might help us compete a lot better, challenge for Leinster titles, League titles and possibly an All-Ireland.

There were many years in the late 90’s and early 00’s where winning a Leinster Senior Football title and a National League title within 2-3 seasons would have been seen as good progress and reasonable success by the footballers.


Some people just like football more. But I would like to see the best hurling talent stay with that sport.


I want both teams to be successful. Being a dual player aint viable so have no issue with each individual player making their choice for themselves. However there should be culture / environment that ensures someone who has talent to be regular on the senior hurling team vs squad player on football doesn’t end up choosing the later.

As things stand though we have enough players to be very competitive at senior level hurling even without those that have chosen football. Things have gone awry last 2/3 years in developing senior players out of Minor & u21. That needs to get sorted quickly.