Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Good choice!


Crummey is a leader for sure!


A lovely short history of recent Dublin Football…you sound like an election agent…:joy:…This is a hurling thread…and every situation is different…down to every game in fact…which can take a life of its own…circumstances can be totally different with a new bunch of guys…I’ve nothing against Gilroy but im still of the opinion that there were Hurling men out there that know these lads and the hurling scene around Dublin alot better than this setup…I hope all turns out ok but not a good start…what the hell is Cunningham here for if Giller doesn’t even talk to him during games…madness, …and an opportunity lost… :sob:


Yeah Al. This is a thread for “Hurling Men” only :roll_eyes:


Is it not fair to say that Dublin hurling is broken from the bottom up for the senior team after Cunningham, if Gilroy does nothing but repair that and get the best players playing for Dublin its an achievement in itself rather than a few decent results papering over the cracks ?


In fairness he needs to get all lads available and a few good results in other to keep them playing! Promotion Leinster titles or All Ireland not required at this point. Just a few honest performances in Year one!


As a football man , he’s only been in the job 2 months , On Saturday it looked like they are training hard but not touch and skills looked lacking , realistically is promotion to 1A an essential this year over a decent championship run ? while i’m sure it was disappointing to loose to Offaly , its the first round of the league , not time to panic.


Not sure if in the right Topic, but does anyone know if can you pay at the gate at Sundays game in Antrim ?


It’s not so much the loss as the manner of it. Basic errors, skill deficits etc. now it was hardly our first 15, but you’d expect lads well down the panel to be able to execute better then that. Then again there were a lot of lads making their league:Croke Park debuts and sometimes you get blow outs at this time of year. So no, no panic, not yet anyways!


I’m sure they will take cash at gate! But you will get Tickets on Tickets.ie and if you buy before Friday you will get 3 Euro discount You pay 12 euro.


Cheers, more concerned with An Post not getting them to me before Friday!!


Print them online?


If u don’t have printer. Try SuperValu. They sell tickets for home games anyway!


I did put my post into context, quite clearly. You wouldn’t make an election agent because you don’t pay attention to detail.


I don’t really get on what basis judgements are being made now. I think we can all assume that wasn’t the first choice team out there the other night, if Rushe, Sutcliffe, O Donnell etc. were all fit, they would be playing. So management can’t be judged on team selection, because for whatever reasons, and we don’t know each individual reason, a whole heap of first choice players weren’t available.

Also, seeing how players worked out was obviously given greater priority then maximising what we had available on the day. Dillon and McMorrow would obviously start ahead of most of that team if winning was considered to be everything.

As for Gilroy and Cunningham consulting - I saw Gilroy talking to all the selectors during the game. However, Gilroy is the manager, it isn’t a joint management thing, so I don’t really want management by committee. But even if Cunningham was there to give match day advice, what was he going to say other then ‘can we send a car to pick up a few of the regular lads’. They put out the lads they wanted out, to see how they went. It went badly, and that is what they took from it I am sure.

They probably have a style they want, or a style of player they want and they are trying to find them. I don’t have a clue how this will work out in the long term. Definitely if we had picked a ‘hurling’ manager, I would assume he would have picked a rake of the regular lads last Saturday and we would have won. Would that have been the right thing in the long term, in relation to a) finding lads and b) the fitness of the guys coming back into the team - probably not.

This might go well, or might go badly - but I think it is probably 14 months away before we can really have a clue…


Touchy are we …:sob:


More feely really. You on the sauce?


i think @25AliveOh made good points . When I look back at Gilroy with the footballers it was pretty much non plain sailing both sides of winning Sam maguire. But like a CEO of a company , he’ll see the bigger picture and won’t be afraid to make changes and lose in the short term as he changes the mindset and develops a winning system in the medium term . I’ve fullfaith in him to do that

But do we have the hurlers? Even with the cuala lads, it will be some achievement if he gets us to a top 4 hurling team imo



There is no point in us getting to top 4 hurling, if we cannot stay there. It’s a comment for another thread but at some stage, we need to review what we are doing underage. The presence of Cuala is pampering over the cracks in our system. If you took four clubs out of Dublin, we’d hardly beat Longford. That is not Gilroy’s fault!