Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Haven’t time to read through all the posts, and excuse my ignorance but…does Giller really know hurling well? I know he’s got other coaches alongside but still, has there ever been a successful hurling head coach/manager who wasn’t steeped in the game? And when I say successful, of course it’s relative.


We are about to find out! I think in fairness, given the way things were left by his predecessor, it behoves all of us to give him time and to have realistic expectations. The fight seems to be back in the team, which is very encouraging. Achieving consistency would be great. Even Dalo never managed that. I just pray there isn’t too much of the sweeper stuff.


I think Gilroys main objective is more so to get the house in order and get Dublins best hurlers back hurling (which he has managed to do so far) that for me is the main thing, get the bit of bite in the lads and have them wanting to play hurling for Dublin


He knows basically nothing about hurling which is becoming more evident with each match


Apart from last nights game v Offaly How was it becoming more evident? Played 3 Walsh Cup games and won two of them. List Semi final only because of a red card. And please don’t say three challenge games with a makeshift team! Give the man 18 mts before you pass an execution order!


A wholly unfair and untrue comment. He played senior club hurling, is a very astute individual too.

Personally, I’d put the cork in the firing squad’s guns and give the man a chance. He is missing a probable 8/10 starters from his team (I’m guessing who he will start!) and that is difficult to overcome to say the least.


Each match? That is the first competitive match he has had.

We had maybe 5 of what will be the championship team playing last night. Like everyone, I haven’t a clue how this will go long term, but I also know that there is nothing to judge anyone on yet.


I don’t know hurling in-depth at all, and didn’t even know Giller’s credentials in that regrad. I certainly wasn’t try to pass any aspersions, just simply looking for knowledge and insight and opinion from people who do know these things.

In my very uneducated opinion, leaving aside the question of hurling Vs football knowledge in-depth, I can see various similarities (and differences) between Pat’s situation now and in 2009. One of those is that we know for sure from that period that he will not flinch, not panic, not be afraid to make alot of unpopular decisions and take alot of flak. Regradless of the different sport, his credentials and his ability and his decisions came under the strongest scrutiny possible by the end of June 2010.

Let’s look at the context: His team had been eviscerated in the worst humiliation possible by Kerry; then tried to play a type of game wholly alien to generations of Dublin footballers, going right against what his godfather, mentor, and club-man Heffo, the greatest godfather ever in Dublin GAA, believed in. Then seen his team ship 5 goals in a disarrayed defeat to arch rivals Meath, having already almost gone down in flames in a quite shambolic performance Vs Wexford.

The Leinster win in 2009, and the subsequent coming together of things in the qualifier run in 2010 saved his bacon, of that there is no doubt. The players that came in during 2010 also saved his bacon but in many ways it was what he got out of those players too, and the courage of his convictions with the game-plan he wanted from the team, that got him where he did in 2011. And furthermore, he was subsequently proven forever brave and correct by his unthinkable tactics against Donegal in the 2011 semi-final, and the way his team didn’t crumble when all looked lost Vs Kerry in the final. (Much credit too for Mickey Whelan in support).
And he had a great County Board to back him when it could easily have gone south.

So I expect that he will handle whatever he has to handle, and do what he has to do, and he won’t ever be under threat for at least two years. And alot of it will include pain and serious doubts and risks. The only question that remains for me is whether the hurling element of the whole thing is an issue at all?


That’s very well,put together 25aliveoh. And those who are questioning/ concerned are likely to be doing so on basis of evident hurling knowledge to date


He will at least benefit initially from the fact that the baseline expectations for Snr hurling is not yet quite at the same level as the football was still even after the 2009 and 2010 debacles.


He never played senior club hurling


Did he play hurling for a senior club?


Probably underage he hurled, never played senior club hurling for Vincents


Granted, I never witnessed it, but I’m told by Vinnies men that he did!


I wouldn’t waste your energy, some people on here were simply waiting for our first loss to start beating that particular drum. I would agree with giving PG time to settle as well as the newer talent being brought in.


I agree and we will have a lot of yo-yo type performances this year. But there’s concerns too and not all blame is with the management

My biggest worries would be our touch and striking is well below the required standard, the scores we conceded and the space we offered them the other night.


I agree with that too but Sat eve was desperate by any standard. Not a good start for Pat.


So was loosing to Antrim in the AI QTR. Thankfully we didn’t boot Dalo after that :wink:


There was very little space at the bar alright :wink:


Chris Crummey has been named captain for the league