Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Division 1 b I meant


I think it is the only place to be now. 1A was important for Dublin because we weren’t going to win an AI so the next best claim to fame was to say we were a 1A county. But the championship is now basically a league also, so to finish in say the top two of the Leinster is the same sort of achievement.

I can’t see how teams can go flat out in the league in 1A, play league QFs, league semis etc. then stop for a week or two and just repeat the same thing again in the Leinster and Munster championships. I suspect there will be a big slackening off of the pace of 1A league matches this year and to see it being used a lot more to find players.

An ideal league for me this year for Dublin is to finish a close second, and maybe get a QF win.


With regards Leinster championship I know top 2 play in Leinster final. Do 3rd or 4th get extra games? Think I recall something about playing Christy Ring winners for chance to get to 1/4 Finals.


The third team will also progress, but not the fourth. So I guess the three places are between us, Galway, Kilkenny and Wexford.


As things stand right now and despite how bookies are viewing it! I see Galway Wexford Kilkenny Dublin Offaly as the standings going into the championship. Either way we need 2 wins minimum to progress.


I would disagree, I would have us ahead of Wexford. That was the guts of their main team they had out against a very experimental Dublin team in the Walsh Cup and for 50 minutes we lorded it. But I guess there is no real accurate form line to judge it on. You can’t base anything on last year, because that wasn’t a remotely sensible Dublin team going out to play games and yes, Wexford had a bit of a bounce - but it was only a bit of one.

It is purely gut feeling on my part, but I think we will be back to at least 2014 form this year and I think that is good enough to beat Wexford. For the Kilkenny and Galway games, if we are fit enough and can keep the intensity up for it all, we stand a chance.

But I would be surprised if we don’t progress out of the group.


Maybe your right and I hope you are! I think Kilkenny have slpipped back a bit. Truth is we don’t really know where any team stands right now! End of March might give a better clue. All teams should have full pack to choose from by then!


To be honest I am basing a lot of my optimism on the first 50 minutes of the Wexford Walsh Cup game. I saw more aggression and more tackles in that time then I saw in the last two years. But basing anything on the Walsh Cup could well be a flawed plan.

But… I remember a Walsh Cup game in 2010 v Galway, it was one of Keaney’s first days back, and O Dwyers first game or so and the step up in intensity was very similar to what I saw the other Sunday. On both occasions Parnell Pk just seemed smaller because they were closing the spaces so quick. That 2010 game was the beginnings of the time when we became a tier one county, and hopefully this year is the year when we get back to it.

I reckon we found maybe 3 or 4 players that wouldn’t really have been suggestions up until this (Kelly (Darren), Connolly, O Carroll and maybe Moore). Maybe they aren’t regular first teamers (although Connolly looked like it), but they will push the rest. Then you have the returnees (McCaffery, Ryan, Boland, Keaney, Sutcliffe), then guys who were pushing last year and injured or should have been involved if we hadn’t got a complete eejit managing us, McBride (x2, but especially Rian), Boland (if he recovers ok) and Conroy. On top of that we have the younger lads who were mentally young to be put playing championship last year (Burke, Whitely, O Sullivan), but are now reaching an age where it at least becomes a possibility. That is a completely new dynamic, an utterly changed scene from last year.


You forgot Peter Kelly in your list. But like that post a lot! :+1:


Good post WiFi.


Cheers, yes I absolutely forgot him. Am really looking forward to seeing him run out. I thought he was quiet good in Dub championship. With a bit of intensive training he could be right back…


Well more than 4 new lads Wifi. I’d say competition will be really good for places. The older lads won’t be shoe ins in any way shape or form, and a good few of them won’t make the first 15 I reckon.


Mahon, grey, forb have all done well also. Wouldn’t write them off.

But yes, overall lots of guys i’d Like to see get a run in the league. Can only be a good thing. We need some of them to grab a place from here.


You must’ve been watching different games than me as I thought he was anonymous in DSHC. I can see how having him around the panel could have a positive impact on the younger players but I’d be amazed if he plays any meaningful role on the pitch this year.


I don’t think he was what he was (yet), but he held his own at CHF for Lucan, if wasn’t, they would have taken him off.


Great to see some serious positivity back on this thread :+1::+1::+1:


Yes, and Winters (who is much bigger then I thought). Also add in Hedgo who could contribute with a hard winters training.

As @CDG says, there are no guarantees for anyone here, even the older lads. But at least we have the best in Dublin competing now for places, and the best will come out on top, who ever they turn out to be.

Next Saturday’s team will be fascinating to see…

Also - from what I have seen Sean Moran seems to have come on a ton, he could be like a new player.


He was taken off in the quarters with about twenty to go in a tight game. Fabulous player in his time, but won’t be getting back in.


Wouldn’t be to sure about that! Once he is fully fit of course.


Yea, suspect a few of the recently recovered injured & returners to make the bench. Offaly gave kilkenny a rattle so seem to be in better fettle than recently.