Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


It was called a ‘‘cartilage’’ and it finished many a career.


about 7/8 tears ago

I see what you did there.


Did people even have a cruciate pre the 00’s. We only seemed to evolve one later. Or as @rockey says, it was probably called something else.

But my original point wasn’t really that we get a lot, it was more that we seem to lose a lot of guys forever through it. With the footballers they all come back in 10 to 12 months, the same or better. But I can think of lots of hurlers who just never seem to come back, or come back as good. Even at the moment we have Boland (Cian) who seems to be carrying an injury for two years now. Likewise, I know what Kelly got was apparently a horrible injury - but he is out for over two years. Going back further, Ronan Fallon as I mentioned above never came back the same and as I said, I don’t think Treacy is quiet the same either.

Having said that, I am willing to concede this could all be just a perception in my head… wouldn’t be the first time!


Did Fallon not go to the outback??


Yea he did! But I heard before that he informed management that he wanted to step down from county panel. Felt at time there was to much time and commitment involved. Was happy out playing with his club. Which is fair enough. There was never any case where he was dropped from panel. Super player at his prime.


Was lovely skilful natural hurler! Some might even say wrishty. Very unusual for a Dublin hurler :upside_down_face:


Ah the way he used to pluck a ball from the Parnell Park sky. He was superb under a high ball and always seems to use the ball well. Remember he got a bad injury and never really got his place back afterwards, so i can wifis point, other counties players always seem to come back as good as before.


Think a few of our players have been unlucky with dreadful injuries. When did u ever see an injury like Peter Kellys? Was on the Hill the day he did that down Hill goalmouth. That was dreadfully unlucky!

To be fair Tomas Brady and other Dublin hurlers have come back from bad injuries. We just seem to have had more than the other teams we are up against.


Weird part of Fallon’s injury was that it was a broken metatarsal, for which the prognosis for a full recovery would be excellent. Awful shame as he was an excellent player for us.


There was no metatarsals either until David Beckham broke his :laughing:


Who does he hurl for?


Ronan Fallon? Vincent’s afaik.


I know that! I meant Beckham!!


It’s been a long day! Went over my head :blush:


Same with Ross o Carroll I believe


The San Francisco Emeralds would be his home club now !


His Mrs hurls abuse at him.


KK and Wexford gone to a free taking competition after a draw after extra time 1-24 each.


Think Wexford won it 3 v 2.


We could well be v competitive in Leinster this year … obviously Galway out in front but could be a hangover year for them … rest including ourselves I think are fairly evenly balanced … in hindsight div 1a could be a blessing in disguise