Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


He didn’t even play with his club last year so he needs to get back there first. A great talent underage.


seanie hasn’t the head for it which is a great shame. brilliant underage but sadly that’s seems to be enough for him.


I hear he is going very well for DIT so maybe he is on the road back


Cian Mcbride


Jaysus some panel of dubs - hope they go well now!

I think the third level stuff is fine for lads like that, it should be a stepping stone for them between u21 to senior.


Funny when 3 games is considered a proper season. in no other sport! how many training sessions will they have done for those 3 games?


Conroy injured a long time now?


Yeah, I don’t know the detail though!!


Thanks for that. I presume O Donnell and Paul ODea weren’t actually playing last night? Hadn’t realized DCU had that many Dublin fringe players with them.
Would love to see them beat LIT but
that’ll be a tall order!


ODea played the second half


Maybe I didn’t make myself clear I said 3 games compared to 1 so do the maths for 1 game divided by 3 and come back to me


Easy there tiger. I’m just laughing at the gaa season. Not having a go at you.


It’s been a while since I was called tiger I miss Bart


Who is running the DCU side now




Eoin Roche.


Mention of Conroy having long(ish) term injury above, we have Kelly coming back (hopefully) from a long injury then we have a host of guys in the past with bad injuries who never really came back, Ronan Fallon springs to mind (he left the Dublin team with injury as one of the best centre backs in the country and his last involvement with Dublin after his return was as an unused sub in the defeat to Antrim). Also to my mind Treacy, although a very good hurler, seemed to lose a fair bit of speed and just general conditioning after his cruciate.

My point really is, is there an issue in Dublin with how injuries are handled with the hurlers. I am sure ye can all think of more examples then the above. With the footballers, practically everybody comes back to where they were before, even with cruciates, but I am not sure it is so with the hurlers.


I think there is definitely a link between the ever increasing presecence of a high level of strength and conditioning in our games and the injuries being picked up as a result. Did anyone ever do a cruciate pre the 00’s :laughing:

I don’t think it’s unique to the Dublin Hurlers or even GAA as a whole. Although there was one year when we had a lot of starters down with similar injury if I recall correctly.


I don’t claim to be an expert on S&C. But I do believe that if the “wrong” preparation work is done it could lead to injuries down the line. Having ran marathons for about 20yrs I recall picking up knee injuries every so often. On examining my training diary I noticed I was doing some runs on a concrete surface. There is more give on tarmac or grass! I changed my training conditions and injuries seemed to clear up! Maybe what ever training our Hurlers were doing this needed to be monitored better. Don’t believe it will be much of an issue now with Mickey Whelan looking after training and S&C.


We had a bad run of cruciate injuries there for sure, the hurlers more than anyone but the dreaded cruciate seems less common now then it did about 7/8 tears ago?