Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Did his cruciate I think?


Am i right in thinking Brady hasn’t played senior hurling for club in recent years?

So unlikely there will be inter-county resurrection


He got an All Ireland medal or two out of the thing, I don’t think it was bizarre really. He wasn’t a hugely skilful footballer, but I thought he was very effective, he was superbly strong on the ball. Personally I thought he should have got a bit more game time in the championship.

I agree that he was a superb hurler, very tough and brave with a good skill set. It’s mentioned above about Canning turning him, but I think that goes to prove how difficult being a full back is. I know people that could list off all the times that things went wrong for Kelly, but could hardly name one thing he did right - and he was an All Star.


I don’t think Gavin chased him at all. It was Brady pushing to get in. From what I heard his dedication to the cause and the work he put in to stay there was used as an example by the management to the other players.


Being a Dublin Footballer is great for your CV . Doesnt matter if you are number 1 or number 41


He’s back with NF hurlers this year for the first time in 5 years at least I’d say


Seem to remember Joe Canning turning him quite easily on a number of occasions and leaving him stuck to the ground. Better player the next line out I thought.

Joe has a habit of doing that :wink:


How old is he now?


30 give or take


So there is still hope!


Correct and right. But at that time Joe used to turn like the 19A. He was way heavier too.

I just think Brady would have been better suited at 5/7/8/9


The 19A😂 A great bus in fairness.


So much better than the 19 …


Gone now isn’t it ?


Dropped of the panel because it had to do early morning runs!


The greatest of all buses !


How many times could this have happened? The only time I ever remembered it was the time Brady did his cruciate on the turn, so I would forgive him for his inability to chase him on the one leg!

I can’t think of Brady marking Canning more then once, maybe twice at a push. It is a bit harsh to judge a guys whole career on this one instance.


Not judging him at all. It also happened in the league and Canning wasnt the only one. What I’m saying is he would have been better off in the next line out…or further up the field.


Currie from Na Fianna not available ?


Doing Leaving this year