Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


And who am I to judge him? In fairness, hell of a difference between my hypothetical medal and the second 9-carat gold one he’ll be picking up if the footballers win Sam again.


Don’t worry @URoy … it’s a NF thing …


No it’s not. But sure if it makes you feel better…


Is the panel to be cut sometime soon?


From my memory of Tomás as a juvenile he would have chosen football over hurling anyway.


Really? Remember seeing him for the u21s in football and he didn’t stand out like he was doing in hurling around that time. Anyways as uroy says, who am I to tell someone what they should do with their own time, ha!


Are you married? :grin:


Some were cut early last week


ANy idea who?


Thanks Parish. A cut was due alright. Wonder who?


Now I know I probably shouldn’t say this out loud, but my internal monologue is not operating tonight.

I’ve watched Tomás Brady play SFC and AFL1 for NaFianna and I honestly was stunned when he got onto the football panel. I wouldn’t even suggest that he was the first cousin of an inter-county footballer. A terrific hurler, and far superior to the footballer version in my humble opinion. Would love to see him return to the small ball.


When Brady was younger he was a real dual talent. Very natural at both. The fact that he played hurling and dedicated his time to it so much and even got within arses roar of a county team tells you how natural his ability was. He chose hurling and missed the boat re the footballers. I’m not sure why Gavin chased him for the footballers, but it looked to me that after it was obvious he wasn’t going to be in the first 20/25 it seemed Gavin gave him game time out of some sort of loyalty for finally making the switch. He must have given him some assurances to get him to the footballers


Doesn’t really seem to be Jim’s style.

If he’s not up to the standard as some on here think, then why make any promises?


Football would not miss a chance to take a hurler for their bench. We are their main competitors.


Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not all out to get you!


I wouldn’t have seen much of him from a club perspective but he had some decent performances in the league with the footballers back in 2014/15 (I think) but you would never have been overly convinced that he would factor come summer.


Never remember him having any impact with the footballers, in fact he looked uncomfortable on the ball a lot of the time.

However, when he left the hurlers he was one of the best full backs in the country. It’s one of the most bizzare decisions I have ever come across.


Not so sure he was ever one of the best full
Backs at all. Seem to remember Joe Canning turning him quite easily on a number of occasions and leaving him stuck to the ground. Better player the next line out I thought.


I seem to remember he did a fine job on canning. He was turned once alright and got badly injured in the process. Although I remember we put Kelly on canning after that and he did an even better job with the extra pace. Anyway no shame in getting the run around off Canning in fairness


My memories too. I remember saying “ah shit” when Joey fell to the ground holding his knee, but Kelly was superb on him after. That was a great day (injuries aside) in the midlands!