Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Anybody know what the Dublin was or are we supposed to know?
Wouldn’t read too much into Walsh cup or challenge games this time of year. Our players are training though more than/same as the top 4 teams at the moment with average 9/10 sessions per week. It Is hard to judge them at the minute with that workload. First two league games are also more or less givens in Div 2. Bigger jump then with Limerick and Galway. That will tell us closer to where we are at.


While I can’t see Keaney or even Boland being around long term, I have no issue with all and sundry been given a look at this stage. As mentioned, one of our many problems last year was lack of physicality, perhaps the feeling is that we need a few more strong lads around while some of the younger lads bulk up over the next year or so.

It’s probably going to take this season for the management to have a clear idea of who they want and don’t want involved.


No clues. but if the tipp challenge was anything to go by we did okay till half time and then changed almost the whole team around and the wheels came off. (only scored 3 points second half). If you consider who is unavailable at the moment and the inexperienced (at this level) look to the walsh cup team, the second half team must be very far down our summer panel.


Can’t understand anyone being negative at this point in the year. It’s proof that managers are chasing their tails from the get go. We have a lot to be positive about given where we were the last few seasons. If we lose to Wexford I can imagine the reaction of some. The big fixtures in the league will tell us a lot more


The manager should feed on all the positivity on here …


Jasus don’t be putting words like manager and feed in the same post! Some on here only read between the lines and pick what they want to hear. Good chance now if we lose to Wexford and all because of words you used they will want to feed our manager to the wolves!


haven’t been paying attention to wexford’s team so far, are they trying things out or playing a strong team? if they’re using a lot of regulars we will find it tough you’d imagine. we’re really using this competition the way a new management team ought to, load of panel members getting a run. Hopefully a few of them will pout their hands up for a league place. Would like to see a few more of the lads on form selected tomorrow though to give them a rattle.


A lot of pouting on here about it in any way …


They’re such divas selfie types.


I would say half of them would make Top 4. O’Connell not a hope, Barrett no chance. Neither tough enough although both are possibly skilled enough.


Based on the the Walsh cup teams that are being selected and what we are seeing by way of team selections from challenge matches, I would think maybe a maximum of four of these teams will be regulars when the League settles down. So I wouldn’t read anything at all into results at the moment. They are more a learning tool for management then anything else.


Lads, who exactly is injured and can be expected to return to the squad in the short term? Who is gone for Good?


Any idea where the two Quinn twins from Crumlin are? Have they been in any squad this year?


We’re invited onto panel but couldn’t commit unfortunately. Hopefully they might be able to another time.


Good Counsel?


Ex Good council


I was being flippant!


I had to be sure :wink:


Gilroy said he was letting lads get over whatever knocks they might be carrying, so rather then patching them up from game to game they get it right at the start.

So there’s the regulars from last year on the way back: Dillon, Rushe, Paul Ryan, O’Donnell, O’Sullivan, McBride and Conroy (i’m assuming as we haven’t seen these lads so far this year).

Additions to last years panel who are almost back in the frame, Peter Kelly, Ger Doderil assuming Shane Durkin as well as we haven’t seen him out yet.

Not sure who will be back and ready for the league but Kelly, Dillon and Durkin have trained before matches recently and Dillon was named on the bench today.

Add to that lot Keaney & Joey Boland as well as the Cuala lads: Paul & Mark Schutte, O’Callaghan, Moran, O’Connell, Malone, Cronin and the Tracy’s and there’s a good few options there.


The only real shame is we don’t get another game next week.