Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


McCaffrey has shown well at midfield in club championships in each of the last two years. Boland has been peripheral for Na Fianna during this time; might be too much to make up.


I would have said Johnny was peripheral enough for Lucan for a player of his stature. Joey was largely injured for a year, but doubt there are many In better physical shape hone back to Gilroys dozens…

Both provide genuine competition to make a league training panel anyways


Anybody get a result from the game tonight ?


Hammered 4.16 to 1.8 according to a Waterford page


4-16 to 1-8 to Waterford according to a post on boards.ie


Yoiks. Waterford aren’t even training yet! Hope we had an experimental team out!


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Started against Galway, Laois & Tipp in last year’s chamionship

He was so good I don’t remember him playing…probably proves my point even more. To say he’s good enough to make the top 4 Inter County teams is just plain ridiculous.


Waterford were training in December Alan.


0-12 v Tipp & 1-08 v Waterford…not sure what we scored v Cork. You can train till the cows come home but if you don’t have natural scoring forwards you’ll never win anything or even compete to win anything.


Jeez you have a real high opinion about our hurlers, or is it just the Cuala lads?? IMO he would make those teams. Time will tell where he fits into the Dublin plan.

There weren’t too many lads played well against Galway and Tipp. But that was last year.


A lot depends on the teams fielded. Wouldnt expect our Walsh cup teams so far to compete with Waterford if they’re gearing up for the league. We will need to start getting some regulars back into the side.


That’s not what one of them told me today. They’re only back from Cancun! And he hadn’t picked up a hurl in two months. As noted above we don’t seem to be scoring much against better sides. That’s worrying.


If game v Antrim last Sunday is anything to go by we need to cut out the soft frees Do that and it will suly keep us in games against the top teams.


Starting team …
K ben
Shane mc
C Gleeson
B Coughlin
Midget Roche
Tommy ryan
Stephen ben
Patrick Curran

From Waterford site - strong team they had out all other things being equal.


Some seriously negative fuckers on here


We were also supposed to play them in December. They were training that night so match got knocked on the head.


Bit like a kangaroo court sometimes.


Dublin have trained more in last 10 days than Waterford have in last 10 weeks.

Result no huge surprise, one established team and the other still learning the backroom teams names…

Arguably better taking rankings from Waterford tipp etc than giving them to antrim


And Bart’s not even around


I think he is but under another alias again