Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Poor Whelo was the victim of the old give a dog a bad name stuff. Meanwhile most of the ‘great’ midfielders of today can’t last 55 minutes yet nowt said in the same way it was about our Ciaran.


Whelan’s running style would be ideal for taking on a “blanket” defence. Another bonus would be defenders/tacklers being reluctant to tackle him for fear of picking up a black card. Given that he always appeared to be in great shape, I too was baffled by the decision to drop him.
That said, it’s hard to argue against the decision, seeing how things transpired. Maybe 2010 could have been Dublin’s year if Whelan had been on the pitch for the last 25-30 minutes against Cork.


However, contrary to reports, The Herald understands that former Limerick hurler, Tom Ryan, is not currently part of Gilroy’s panel.


Buts does say he did play against Tipp but not on panel anymore, no reason given.


Sutcliffe??? Based on what??

Darragh O’Connell, Sean Moran, both Schuttes, Cronin, Rushe, Crummy, ODonnell, Barrett, both OCallaghans even though Conn not on the hurling panel. All of the above would make top 4 and some more lads that I haven’t mentioned


is liam rush on panel or injured?


Darragh O’Connell can’t even get his game for Dublin consistently, Sean Moran hasn’t even played Senior InterCounty & Cronin couldn’t get his game the last time he was on the panel. People are seriously getting carried away with Cualas exploits at CLUB LEVEL. I’ll say it again…Club & County are light years apart!!


Sean Moran would be a huge advantage to our first 15. Cronin has been in the past. These lads are not the under 12 hurlers that ye all think they are. Time will tell.

To state that Danny and ODonnell are the only ones that would make it onto another county panel is miles away. Both are excellent players who when playing would deffo be eleigble for that statement. But they are not the only ones.




This is a preposterous statement.


I’m all ears :thinking:


Told Ryan is part of the cuala panel now that his transfer was granted.

Boland is definitely in the shape of his life, but not sure where he fits in to the current setup.


Any word on how the challenge went?


On at the moment. It wasn’t at 2 p.m.


oh, I’d say the weather is brutal. Hope the poster above who was going to head in to it wasnt there at 2. :persevere:


At least he would have got a good seat! :slight_smile:


If Boland is in the shape of his life then no reason why he can’t be tried at midfield?


Started against Galway, Laois & Tipp in last year’s chamionship

Joey’s been in the shape of his life a few times before! Remember he took himself off to Thailand for a while to study MMA to improve his tackling and to Santry for a rake of sessions to improve his speed. Always a bit unlucky with injuries and I think he’d struggle at midfield tbh.


If mccafffrey who appeared to have a lot less gas a few years back can do it, then Joey can. It won’t be lack of commitment on his part anyways. In house matches will be tough affairs thankfully


I was told it was at 2.00 because Waterford’s Awards Night was on tonight. Hope he didn’t attend early :astonished: