Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


I haven’t had the call yet.


That is ranking us 9th, in other words last of the top hurling counties. It is all hypothetical at this stage, but personally I would see us beating Limerick and Wexford, and we could possibly beat Cork or Clare (even on our best days we were never sure with them).

But we have yet to see the new stamp put on the team. I am just going on where we might be if we got back to sort of near where we were in Daly’s last year. But the potential now is actually better then that.


Indeed. I think we all know that we’re well off the top 4. but rather than sitting around all doom and gloom we’re hoping gilroy can start to move us in the right direction. you know, like supporters do.

When you see Dublin hurlers with Cuala outplay the kilkenny champions you can see that we’re not necessarily that far off the pace.


Yea a huge amount of work required to beat any of the above but apart from a few (top3 or 4) the rest arent out of reach of Gilroy can get us going in the right direction. The league will be about building a panel till the Cuala lads are available, only then will we be close to full strength.


I’m sure you will just hang on in there :joy:


I wondered the same. It was hugely evident last year in the early league game against Tipp (and actually the previous year also) that we weren’t at the races physically. Like you, I was wondering if Gilroy saw the same thing and made these decisions. I think it’s all good myself…


Wexford are nothing to fear.


I think I had a missed call myself from Gilroy a few minutes ago, I will ask him about yourself when he calls back!!


There appears to be a lot of options now, but we will need a few players to really make the jump this year.

It’s A lot easier for someone just out of minor to learn the ropes alongside the likes of Shane Durkin or Conal Keaney then it is alongside their peers who are all learning the ropes at the same time.

Even o’donnell is still new enough and he seemed like a veteran last year.


I’m not going to boast or pretend. I haven’t had a call from Pat Gilroy. I did however have a call from Anthony Cunningham.

I’ve no real desire to get into the nuts and bolts of it here other than to say that by the time I actually found the house his pizza was rather cold.


Agree they aren’t but think they might have too much for our walsh cup team on Sunday. And the doubting thomasses will have a field day.


Tell that to Ciaran Whelan…


Keaney was asked back last Oct/Nov & was given time pre New Year to make up his mind.


Definitely not, I just think the likes of themselves & Limerick are a little ahead of us with it being Year 2 for their set ups.


Year two for Davy means 4 sweepers, 0.75 forwards, many tantrums, refusing to be drawn (I won’t be drawn)- while being drawn, and no silverware.


There goes a perfectly good theory. :joy:


“Nobody would start on the top 4 teams” ??

That’s way off horse. When you throw the Cuala lads back into the mix there are a host of players that would make other county teams, and deffo top 4.

Not as average as you think horse


Really ?

O’Donnell and Sutcliffe are the only ones who would get into a lot of other teams. Tipp Galway Waterford anyway


Was the right decision in the end wasn’t it.


I will never understand that decision, it’s not one I could have ever considered, even though we won in 2011, always loved Whelo!