Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


He won’t make the bench for a league or champo game.

PR stunt i’d say from Gilroy to show the door is open


Ryan didn’t last long. Boland back though. How did he fair out with Na Fianna in the championship last year?


Strange one that . Dont think he even played for Na Fianna last year.


Ridiculous bringing back these lads. Inter County Hurling now is all about pace & movement. These lads didn’t even have pace in their twenties never mind now in their thirties.


Boland is probably in the best shape of his life at the moment, he could go well. He looked finished back in 2016 but by all means has hit the gym hard the past year. Hell have to earn his place like everyone else, the panel is huge right now and obviously not everyone will feature. Hes looking at Boland in the same way hes looking at unknown 18/19 year olds. All the best hurlers in Dublin will have a chance to make the panel, regardless of age or experience. Cant ask for more than that from the management.


Everyone is entitled to an opportunity regardless if they are 18 or a mere 30 like Boland is.

I am still waiting for a call myself


That’s the kind of optimism we need … rather than the constant negativity. Good man sneakers … stay close to that phone! :wink:


I don’t agree (well actually, I do agree that pace and movement is important), but we were a million miles off where we needed to be in terms of physicality for the last few years. Crazily so, the likes of Tipp and Galway could just push us around at will. And this was inevitable, if you let the guys go who have spent 4 or 5 years doing intensive conditioning and replace them with guys who have done very little, it is going to be a disaster. I have a 10 year old nephew who is a little flyer and really mobile, but throw a ball in between the two of us and he is not going to win it (well maybe he will! but you get my point :grinning: ).

Gilroy can’t get guys bulked up in six months. It took Daly probably 3 years to get Dublin to the stage where they could compete with Kilkenny physically, so in the meantime the gap needs to be bridged. Having the likes of Boland and Keaney around will help to bridge the gap while the younger guys develop. This happens naturally on most teams where older guys leave one by one as younger guys come in one by one, but because of the insanity of the Cunningham era it has to be done in a more deliberate fashion now.

After seeing the games last year, I could see no other way to bring the team back to a competitive level this year. Very possibly the older guys wont be on the team next year or the year after (or even this year), but guys who want to make the team ahead of them will have to show in games that they can surpass them at winning ball - once they do that and can bring their younger pace, we will be in a very good place.


It’s all hypothetical re Con - who knows really. An interesting discussion point, but ultimately we will probably never find out.

On Danny, I slightly disagree with it being his worst season the year before he went. I think in some of his earlier games that year he seemed to be playing with a chip on his shoulder a bit - he was trying to do the spectacular stuff a lot (and I thought that at the time without knowing there were issues behind the scenes). But come the real serious game of the year, v Waterford in the championship he was fully switched on and was our best player by a mile.

I think this year he will have a very defined job to do, and he will do it well. He might not stand out as much as other years, but I would think he will be very effective.


Crummy is our only WORLD CLASS player. :slight_smile:
You could put him on ANY half forward in the WORLD
(Including JC, TJR, LeeChin, Seamus Harnedy etc) and expect him to win out.
Cant say that about anyone else on our panel unfortunately.
Plus he hits a lot of long range points while he’s at it.
Attaboy Crummy


People are losing the run of themselves here on how good our Hurlers are. We have a very average bunch of whom nobody would start on any of the top 4 teams. once people realise this they and that we are no world beater the better.
I’d say we’ll be lucky to win 2 championship matches this year

**Con O Callaghan not part of the panel


It would be more than last year


You’re clearly not a WORLD CLASS analyst


Win Two Champ Matches in the Group we will more then likely be in the All Ireland Q-F that would be great progress this year in my View


Sorry, Offaly would be the only county we’d be expected to beat this year. So. . 1 match


Why would it be better if people ‘realise’ we have no good hurlers? How could the world possibly be a better place if we all went around saying Dublin hurling is s**t?


And I think the truth of the matter is people on here in general are just pointing out that we have a better panel then we had for last 2 years.


We’ll definitely have a better team this year but where that will leave us I’m not sure. Still can’t see see us beating any of the following:


Funnily enough Kilkenny will probably be the most beatable of all the above. Until we sort out our forwards & scoring from play I’m afraid we won’t do much damage.


i wonder is it as a result of the tipp challenge that Keaney and Boland are brought back in this week? I get the point about pace but a certain physicality is helpful as well. we went too much with youth last year. I see no issue with it while we are missing the Cuala lads and if the older guys do well in the meantime let them fight for a place. We try to retire people too fast, as soon as someone hits 30 we say they’re finished if they have a bad game or two.


Agree everyone deserves there chance to impress that’s what I like about Gilroy he is always open minded and the door is never closed.