Dublin Senior Hurling 2018 - The Pat Gilroy Era


Stop shouting I hear ye !




If you took down all posts that you found to be distasteful, and if this was stated policy, fair enough. However, that is not the case. You don’t. My post was not racist in any way. Nor was it meant to be. I’ll leave it now. (The reason I did not respond with a private message is because I believe this is an issue worth discussing in public.)


On a hurling thread?


Yes. Get over it.


Pot, kettle etc.


I think the standard of refereeing in Dublin is improving all the time though and we’ve some excellent referees especially at Senior level.


Racist! The pot calling the kettle what??? Not bl**k surely? You can’t say that! Tayto, get him! Police!


Serious question. Do you think saying Ching Chong Chinaman is offensive?

My sister in law is Japanese. The amount of anti-Chinese flack she gets around by Dublin is unreal. Some of it overtly racist like “go home to China” but a lot of it is funny accents etc. so while you might not think doing an accent is offensive, it can be to someone else.

I know you intended it as just a but of craic which is why I just removed the post without making a song and dance about it. I really don’t have the time, energy or willpower to write up a comprehensive policy statement for the site to cover every eventuality. But I do try to be fair to everyone and take each post as it comes.

Someone else flagged your comment so i obviously wasn’t the only one who thought it could be taken up wrong.


The best refs in Dublin/ireland are the ones that let the game flow. I know that term can be used for letting players away with murder but anyone that plays will tell you a ref that applies a mix of common sense and the rules will contribute to the most enjoyable games you will be involved in. Anyone that blows every little thing as per section of the ancient code of GAA bye laws will ruin a game. The game is more physical as a result of letting play develop, if people have a problem with a hurling match being physical they should probably re think they’re choice of sport.


Then the rules need to be changed or clarified.

Otherwise how are people supposed to know which rules are ok to ignore and when?


Early contender for post of the year. Well said that man.


Of the website or hurling? :joy:


Somewhat totally off topic!

A mate of mine was in a maternity hospital and in the bed beside her, a pretty lewd and loudmouth Dublin lady was being attended to by a Philippine nurse. She hurt the lady when inserting an IV needle and the Dublin lady became abusive, the nurse was apologetic, but that wasn’t good enough for the patient who became more offensive as the minutes passed, so much so that I was going to intervene… The nurse left the bedside and the ignorant bitch in the bed shouted, “yeah, run off, f**k off back to the Philippines, ya Japanese bast@rd”… If it wasn’t so funny, it would be ignorant! The nurse actually laughed at her as she walked away!

The moral of the story, I find if you laugh at ignorance and ignore the clowns who purport it, life is really quite a funny generally!

Please don’t consider this aimed at anyone on this site, as it’s not, but I find it a good way of gripping the mindlessness of things like racism.


Dickie Murphy ???


Yes Ching Chong Chinaman or anything like it is absolutely out of line. My post was suggesting that it was great for our Asian brethren for McGuinness to be packing his bags and leaving their shores. My attempt at using phonics to do a Chinese accent was to slag Jim, not the Chinese. I know yours is a thankless job and I don’t wish to make it more difficult. There is a bigger point that not everything is racism but this thread is not the place for it. I accept that you are an honest broker in this matter.


Get a room, @Iomaint and @Tayto.


Jayo is from Dublin


The Chinese, a great bunch of lads.