Dublin Senior Hurlers 2017


4 judes lads played in Mayo relegation playoff win vs Roacommon


No wonder poor Ger can’t get any players …


We lost by 3 to Limerick on Friday evening


What type of team did we have out?


Brady is 30 this year, born 87.


I don’t know sorry


No problem just interested to see where we are at in regard team selection for Sunday. Limerick are an upcoming team so it looks like it was a good workout.


I do know that John Heterhton & Alan Moore are back with the panel and played some part


Good to hear it. 2 lads that could offer something. Moore in particular has the pace to trouble any defender with ball in hand.


Alan Moore is not back with Dublin. He didn’t take up the offer I believe.


I don’t think Hedgo has the pace for it though but he’s having a good season with his club and playing well


Ahh, must of had a change of heart.

Good to see at least Ger had some engagement with lads who played well over the senior championship round.

You’d argue that Alan, Hedgo & Tom Connolly were Vincents stand out performers in the two big wins.


anyone hear of a serious injury in the limerick game…


That’s all we’d effing need.


Christ. Who?


I heard from a Limerick mate they won handy?

Where there Limerick changes to bring the scoreline closer?


Limerick also beat Cork ‘handy’ in
The last two weeks. Challenge games mean nothing.