Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


The Longford one and the Navan one, with the help of a bus.
Come to think of it, wonder are they going to extend the, Navan line with so many people commuting


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Roger Clarence.


Could your county be doing at least as well as Monaghan? Genuine question. They had alot of very promising/good players in the last ten years or so


At 5-1 up in the final they hit several bad wides. Not saying they’d have won the match but they weren’t a long way off making it a close game. But of course you’ve got to have the scorers to do it enough to score enough in the major games. I’m not sure it was/is an ability thing or confidence/concentration for them


There will be unprecedented pressure as the year goes on. But Dublin 2019 are a fair bit ahead of any other county using any metric. More so than any year since 2015. They are in the box seat but the variables are many.


What game will be treated like a normal game?


I’m sure a few others here could tell you some stories as well.

Jim is the finest football manager I have witnessed in action, a wonderful leader, so let there be no question of his methods.

As I mentioned above, respect is a two way street.

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Given there hasn’t been a ball kicked in 2019, that is not a very factual statement :wink::wink:


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Meh disagree, don’t think it was every really in danger and we made it more difficult for ourselves than needed in past 10 minutes. We will catch ourselves out one day.

Tyrone hitting wides and bad wides has been their story for the last 3 or 4 years.


At least you are still in the group to read it :wink:


Tyrone have hit wonderful scores and scorelines in recent seasons. Except against real teams.


Yes and each time they have been beaten, they had a shocking amount of wides. So you agree with me then?


Tyrone are excellent against poor teams - of which there are many. I’m not sure if I agree but we do agree on many things.


Yes, they are. And if even half the “alleged” WhatsApp group rumours, stories, gossip, innuendos, slurs, & videos involving Dublin footballers & mgt are true, then they make the Kardashians look like a bunch of lazy slackers. :wink:


Thought they started to get very frustrated when they were hitting wides as if to oh we didnt think this would happen almost
Like they didn’t even expect to Miss a single shot kind of attitude. Thought it was a big part of their down fall in that game not that we wouldn’t have won it just certainly would have made the game closer , you can see it in then Tyrone lads if you watch it back


Obviously I would like to think so, but in reality we’ve a long way to go before we can get that kind of consistency that they’ve reached. They’re a well established top 5/6 side at this stage with quality throughout, who are basically Division 1 regulars who generally do well there, and are usually a safe enough bet to make the last 8 each year, and then got over that hump last year. I see some people picking out Tyrone as one of the possible threats for Dublin as usual, but I’d rate Monaghan as every bit as good as them despite being edged out last year.

The underage success we’ve had in Cavan in recent years is far greater than what they’ve had, but it just hasn’t clicked through to senior for whatever reason. We’ve had the odd good result here and there, but it’s that consistency that I mentioned which we badly need. The first of those Ulster u21 wins was in 2011(can’t believe it’s that long ago now), so it’s about time these lads made a proper impact on senior football if they’re ever going to. Hopefully Graham is the man who can bring it all together.

Cavan v Monaghan is the first round of Ulster so that will be a tasty one! An interesting little note here is that Martin Corey, who is a member of Graham’s coaching staff over Cavan, is the twin brother of Monaghan stalwart Vinny Corey!