Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Monaghan will definitely be tough first round as they always are in the league going to clones isnt easy but mayo won there last year and their league form isnt as good as ours

Exactly theres no givens in sport we have the best team to get there but stranger things have happened


Imo Kerry lack a defense to get anywhere near Sam…as for the league can’t wait for it all to start again…


The championship is Dublin s to lose no doubt there. If we get caught it will be a sucker punch a la Seamus Darby in the semi final or final. Of course injuries could mount up , or other unforeseen circumstances. Tyrone would be the closest I reckon. A la Offaly in 82 they may feel their getting closer. If Harte loosens the over defensive mindset they might cause a few more problems than we like.


Yous have it all wrong lads, Cavan under the rule of Mickey Graham are the team to stop Dubs drive for 5, sure he already masterminded a win over a Dublin Goliath just last month! :wink:

I find it hard to see who stops it though in all seriousness. Kerry would have the best chance if they were a couple years more mature perhaps, but they have alot of work to do in a short space of time judging by last year


He’s even more successful now than he was with Boyzone.


Well Jim has been known to do similar enough…


I would base it on then having a higher quality of footballer going into 2019 than over last few years… albeit inexperienced.


It’s very hard to predict a break through player on this team. Gavin likes a style of player that isn’t always the traditional type.

Looking at previous years O Byrne cup teams, Shane Carthy (Mearnóg) was head and shoulders above most, but he hasn’t got a look in. Gavin doesn’t seem to like big build type midfielders. Darren Gavin is getting the starts in recent challenge games, where Andy Foley that started ahead of him at u21 (and was very good) doesn’t seem to be on the radar. So based on that, maybe Darren Gavin could be given a run.


Looking forward to the league starting, train ticket bought for the Monaghan game


What train goes to Clones?:thinking:


The Dublin groove train …


And the last time John Costello had to publicly apologise for Jim Gavin’s piss poor player management would be… ???


That’s true no train goes to Clones, I got my lines mixed up, will probably just get a dart to Tara street and walk from there


Keeps on rolling


What has that got to do with anything?

The pertinent point within your statement, was how management communicated not being a part of county plans with players.

We are obviously better at keeping things in house and less petulance. Plus our fans tend to be not a bunch of animals like those Kerry boys!!

I would also be assured Jim showed as much respect as Dublin GAA and himself were shown by certain individuals at the time.

By the way, I didn’t call it piss poor player management, you did.

If you are going to call out other counties management, look at home first.


All this talk about hunger, I’m bleedin starving


Would agree with that Shane Murphy, Gavin White and Micheal Burns need more games. Don’t think Brosnan will have the physicality for inter county. His club mate David Shaw will be better and he is as good as Clifford. Be interesting to see if Johnny Buckley comes back as will be needed at midfield for Kerry.


Look at what “at home” ?

What has happened here, that is on a par with Fionn Fitzgerald being dropped from the Kerry panel & Sean Shanley or John Costello having to admit they/the DCB/Jim Gavin effed up in a similar way?

Or is there some sort of veiled Diarmuid Connolly tie in that is going over my head? Or a reference to Ciaran Whelan, Jason Sherlock or Bryan Cullen’s inter county careers coming to an end? Or maybe a particular fringe panelist(s) in particular that you have an affinity with?


Just thinking about that, it probably helps our young lads coming through, that unlike in other counties they aren’t getting hyped up to the high heavens at too young of an age


A great article by christy o Connor on Jim Gavin if you can get to read it