Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Of course our lads are very hungry we all know that journalists pundits opposition know that it’s quite obvious. for what we have achieved it’s mad to think they’re still insanely driven and we are blessed with that but to doubt the ability of hunger to win a game in any sport is not ideal as the best teams are out to get us to beat us to dethrone us.we all saw what a certain club from longford done a couple of weeks
back with hunger so it cannot be underestimated it is not the winning of every game but it certainly helps


All I’m saying @LucanHill16 is that if you are referencing one hunger you should surely reference the other.


You haven’t actually stated any facts? You are just shoving your opinion that Dublin are by far the best team in the land down my throat, an opinion I do agree with by the way.

Your referencing of my quote is out of context somewhat, especially as I was responding to a statement you had previously made.

Yes, Kerry didn’t get out of their group last year, but IMO, they have been improving year on year since 2015.

They gave us more of a game in 2016, they should have beaten Mayo the first day in 2017. Last year they brought through some excellent young talent who proved they have what it takes.

The Galway match was their downfall in 2018 and they were completely set up wrong by Fitzmaurice.

Their young players have another year under the belt, will not be so naive to what happened in that Galway game.

So IMO, they will be better this year.


Kerry can only really improve and I believe they will, they won’t be the finished article this year but are getting closer to it definitely aren’t there yet but it is only a matter of time


What I will say is, Kerry’s downfall this year may actually be Dr. Crokes club success. Given Keane has got rid of some dead wood, he won’t get a chance to see his full squad till Munster championship potentially.

You would assume Tommy Brosnan will also be brought in this year despite playing with Dr. Crokes


Kerry were utterly woeful against Galway. You can’t blame it all on Fitzmaurice not setting them up properly. They were flat and listless all over the shop. Saying they should have beaten Mayo the year before, is getting into “if my auntie had balls” territory. They didn’t beat them. As they put in another flat performance in the replay (similar to the 2015 AI Final against us) I don’t see where this improvement year on year is coming from. They may come good again this year, but that’s just a prediction, because they are Kerry. It’s not based on hard evidence imo.


Kerry won’t win the All Ireland without LBJ.


LBJ…Little Black Dress, Barry John Keane, Santys Little Helper, LeBron James…? :thinking:


Barry John, the assassin, as he’s known.


My ‘facts’ show differently. They were also woeful and very lucky v Monaghan.

I think they will improve this year - mostly because they are unlikely to be as bad and there may also be a Solksjaer effect.

But sure we’ll leave it - don’t want to be shoving anything down your throat.


No doubt Peter Keane was made aware of just how good he is.

Right before he dropped him. :wink:


I’m not so sure. You won’t know best and nor will I. We hope Jim and his team will. I am only assuming that allowances have to be made for the fact that these guys aren’t getting any younger and what work 2 or 3 years ago for them may not be best for them now.


Does the hunger to stop the 5-in-a-row not bring on an amount of pressure in itself? I think Kerry will be under a lot of pressure, myself.


Certainly big expectations coming with their new management dream team. However I get the impression that those are guys who will handle both the media and the tactics better than EF did at times.


Well he already fell at the first hurdle by dropping former players (one of them a former Kerry captain who lifted Sam) & didn’t have the courtesy to tell them first hand. They found out they were dropped by listening to Terrace Talk. Their aggrieved clubmates raised a such a stink at the county congress, the Kerry co chairman had to issue a public apology and agree that better protocols should be put in place for this kinda thing. They just can’t seem to do anything right down there these days. The poor wee lambs. :smile: :smile: :smile:


with that hunger will also bring massive pressure - similar to the drawn game in 2016 where i think we suffered with the pressure of trying to do 2 in a row.


Agree with you @Bosco it is huge pressure but i hope and i think it will be treated like a normal game by jim and the lads,whatever about us supporters and the media,it is no doubt huge pressure to do the 5 and hopefully the pressure isnt our downfall as i think we cope quite well with it


i’m sure it will be treated as such - if we get there.

Naturally nerves will kick in.


There’s no doubt there will be massive pressure but these guys have been around the block more than a few times. I trust they’ll handle it fine.


Really looking forward to the start of the league. I think Monaghan will give us a great game.
The league could be mad this year if the new rules are applied. Teams developing like Kerry, Mayo etc. will not learn much about how their championship team are developing having to play to different rules before their championship starts. I think we will be better placed with a more established team but will be worried that we may not unearth another Howard or Fenton this year of playing to the new rules.