Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Yes. But can they play football?

No chance they beat Dublin.

As for Mayo? James Horan?

I doubt it.


Monaghan were actually the last team to beat us and the first to beat us in a League round robin in Croker in four years - though was a dead rubber for us. Nonetheless the ex Ard Stiurthoir celebrated wildly in front of us … with the brother turning to me and asking me did they win something?! Malachy O was sitting behind me the very next Sunday when we clinched the title and was hugely impressed with how we managed the game - especially down the home strait with 14 men. So revenge may be on the cards in Clones.

I have to say I really enjoy games in Clones. I have a wonderful memory of seeing a rookie debut there in April 2015 when Fento shone with 1-1 in a wonderful display by Dublin - less so the very next week when falling over the same opposition in a Croker semi.

Monaghan are an excellent side and a real example to those who moan and play the poor mouth. But they are where they are over the years (a little short) because of that lack of all round quality. McManus is an all time great and they have a few more very decent and dogged, never say die footballers but they are also lacking consistency especially among their front 6. But you will never get an easy win against the Farney.


remains to be seen.


Would that be more hunger than wanting to stop us retaining Sam? Or more hunger than stopping the three in a row? Perhaps more hunger than stopping the four in a row? Hmmm … how hungry can a county get when they are never being fed …


Would agree with Donegal winning ulster they could challenge this year as i thought they were fairly solid last year and as for galway if they could come out of their shell a bit with the quality of their full forward line they could pose a threat and catch us out.
Monaghan are a difficult team to play and to judge expect them to be there or there abouts, people maybe are writing off tyrone but i dont think theyll go away that quick theyve some good footballers and cannot be written off just
As mentioned above who knows with kerry and mayo, they will certainly improve from last year and both make it to the super 8s i reckon unlike just kerry last year but they would like nothing more than stopping our 5 in a row, certainly from talking to people from mayo theres nothing they want more this year anyways
But who knows take it game by game and see where it takes us its a long way away yet


Don’t forget Donegal lost Paddy McB after the Ulster final - massive blow for them.


Silly statement really… Kerry have improved year on year since then and there is also something different about the 5 in a row with Kerry as we all know.

I’m not saying it will be the winning of Sam for them but to believe it isn’t a motivator for them is just naive.


I just can’t see it with Tyrone. It also dispells the theory Dublin are just athletes… Tyrone have a couple of fine footballers but I would say their athleticism is their strongest point in their overall team.

IMO, just not good enough.


Most definitely, he is one of the best forwards in the country on his day i remember him destroying cork a couple of years ago hes up there with the best of them in this decade and was a huge loss for them


Was probably the best player in the country until his unfortunate injury. A class act


You are either good enough or you are not. Too much utter bullshit about hunger and the like. Do you see what drives this team?

What about Dublin’s hunger to become the best football team ever? Does that count? Will that be enough to outdo some team that wants to stop them?

An improving Kerry team? That didn’t get out of their group?

You can have all the ‘hunger’ you like - the best players usually win. We have the best players at the moment. The only silly statements are about hunger and that kind of rubbish.


It works sometimes with some teams but not with this Dublin team they seem to deflect everything thrown at them, an example would be mayo lost to kildares hunger in the qualifiers of course kildare are a good team but their desire to win brought them over the line , but i suppose its what makes us so special and long may it continue but to beat us it will take some amount of hunger but a huge amount of fitness skill and strength and the ability to last the full 70 minutes plus added time to beat us


Simple question: Does anyone think a young Kerry team are likely to beat this Dublin team who are chasing immortality because they are a) hungrier, or b) desperate to stop the five in a row?


Cant see them beating us but will be hungry to do so, they will be better this year and most certainly be a different side the year after, i dont think many people said it would be kerry to beat us to be fair theyre just a suggestion and many others have picked monaghan but its hard to judge as of yet


The thing with Gavin is he never underestimates the opponent.


The point I am making is that this Dublin team stand on the cusp of GAA immortality. The best ever. Of course people want to stop them but some seem to want to play up this ‘hunger’. Fair enough. But recognise the ‘hunger’ or motivation in the Dublin side - which is greater IMO and craved by a group of players and a manager who have proven their desire and ambition time after time. To be the best EVER … unequivocally. I know who I’ll be tipping …


You are just insinuating a number of things here to suit your own argument/opinion. Wouldn’t be the first time…

Nobody said hunger would be good enough alone.

Nobody questioned Dublin’s hunger or motives.

If you believe Kerry won’t be a challenge this year, fair play, imo they will.

Nobody here has stated they don’t see Dublin as favourites or otherwise.

Of course the better sides usually win, but come semi final or final it is a winner takes all.

Nobody here said who they would or wouldn’t be tipping.

This is an open forum, not a classroom.


What am I insinuating? All the facts are there.

I just don’t like glib presumptions.

And you’re right - that wouldn’t be the first time I did that. I hate lazy, presumptuous shit and platitudes. That’s for ‘journalists’ and ‘pundits’.

I’ll drop down to the Poitin Still some evening and you can buy me a few pints while I explain to ya …


I would argue it is even lazier to just sit there, beat your chest and scream ‘we are the best’ the loudest.

What I said above explains enough about your insinuations.

Not sure why you bother engaging in a forum, when you clearly have no interest in other people’s views.

Come into the Rathcoole Inn and I’ll teach you the meaning of a forum.


With all due respect @RathcooleDub you posted the above a few posts ago.

Kerry did not get out if their group in the Super 8s last year - needing a last minute goal to even have any hope on the final day of the group games. The previous year Kerry were beaten by Mayo for the first time in 21 years in the semi. Dublin beat them in the 2016 semi … so where is this ‘improvement year on year’???

I’m not beating my chest at all. You are right - it is a forum. I backed up my opinion with fact. You didn’t - quite the opposite actually - and yet you’re accusing me of silly statements and beating my chest?!?! :smirk: