Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


If the new rules get carried through to the league I can us having a relatively mediocre league . I really can’t see us practicing these rules much when they won’t be there for championship

Our coaches spend a lot of the winter fine tuning new patterns of play that will be used in the championship. I hope they continue that and give lip service to these rules even if the league is a bit compromised.


Hopefully David Byrne will be back in. He was flying in the league last year. Robbie McDaid and Sean McMahon should be get run outs in league too. Darren Gavin is option at midfield.


Important maybe, but one year we definitely tried more things out and rested the regulars more.


They can kiss their chance of a starting jersey in the summer goodbye if they take a break that long imo. The league will be 2/3 over by late February & fresh blood will be laying claims to jerseys. Taking a break to rehab a specific injury is one thing. Taking most of the league off, just cuz you is old, will negatively impact your game time later in the year. Lads know that now. Methinks that is why 10 players who featured in the 2016 AI final, also played in our first 2017 league game up in Cavan. That is a mental stat, considering what league games used to be used for.


Comerford shouldnt be let near the starting job, I think Dublin know this as well.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Bunyan from Scoil sees a lot of game time come the league


I wouldn’t necessarily disagree re: Comerford. Very shaky in the league vs. Vins last year.

Andy Bunyan is 30/31 years old and he’s a great lad. But I don’t think he’s the future.


Didn’t realise Bunyan was that old :see_no_evil:

Comerford was also quite dodgy v Judes in champo, I think he kicked 2/3 important kick outs straight to them when the game was in the balance.

Not to say Comerford doesn’t have a future, but he isn’t ready for it yet. Could be a case of Bunyan (or someone else) being a stop gap for 1-2 years until Comerford is able.

(This is all assuming Cluxton isn’t going to play much longer)


He was on the same team in school as one Diarmuid Connolly!

We certainly should be getting someone ready. His loss will be incalculable as it is. Not to have some kind of replacement properly prepared would not be good.


I certainly think comerford has to get a little more experience and the league is the perfect opportunity to do that i felt myself in the games that he did play in the league he was fine, he has a good defence in front of him so he should be fine, I wouldnt have him in every game but the odd game here and there would be no harm similar to last year.
He more than likely will be the successor to cluxton and it may be in the next year or 2 so he should get a chance when ever possible in my opinion


Comerford is only 20. Probably needs to fill out a bit more. Was very good one u21 team from 2 years ago but has played very little football since. Played 1 league and 3 championship for Dublin.Probably hasn’t played a whole lot with Ballymun either. If JG doesn’t play him in at least 4/5 league games better having a season with his club.


Comerford needs games now to develop even if it means risking points in the league.


Would agree with this no harm playing him towards the end of the league like last year in away games like roscommon and cavan, as I hope we wouldnt have to worry about goalkeeper mistakes changing the outcome of those games


Agree, it would be great to see David Byrne back for a decent run. But would also expect to see Andy McGowan from Crokes get a decent amount of game time in the league.


My only fears for us this year would be:

  • possible lack of pace, especially in the backs
  • significant injury to Cluxton
  • unexpected controversy such as a row at a match, sendings off, unfair refereeing
  • recent tendency to play safe and retain possession to leave us vulnerable to a couple of sucker punches late in a match.

Otherwise, five in a row…and Con coming hurling in 2020​:rofl::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::rofl::rofl::rofl:!


To the first post saying Monaghan are our biggest challenge.

  • Their style of play I think is best suited to beat us
  • They just don’t have enough good players to go and do it

There I say, I think it will be Kerry and Mayo best placed. If Galway are allowed play ball, throw them into the mix too.

On the league game, it will be very much a young and experimental side I reckon. Especially as the lads are on holiday now.

Always enjoy going up to Clones, great and passionate fans, poxy drive though.

30 posts in and no1 has mentioned DC… :open_mouth::open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


cant wait to see him back


think the ship has long sailed unfortunately


Given their overall record of making it to AI finals & semi finals, I suppose the smart money would be on one of Kerry, Mayo or Tyrone stopping us. But we have played them all so often now, I just can not see us being unprepared to play them, being caught napping by them, getting our tactics wrong, or the lads failing to be really, really fired up for the game.

If we are beaten, I think it’ll be because we are taken off guard by a county who have yet to break thru to the very top tier. (Like a Monaghan, or a post Messiah Donegal, or a Galway.) It won’t be about who is the better team on paper, per se. That’s too simple an analysis imo. We are the better team than Mayo on many levels, but look at how often we’ve only been able to beat them by a single point.

Even if you do go purely on that basis, Mayo’s race is run imo, Little Jimmy Horan or not. Kerry will be in transition for a while longer. They’ll come good again sooner than any other county going thru the same process will, purely because they’re Kerry. But they won’t do nuffink for a couple more years yet. Daller will be utterly insufferable, if it’s Tyrone, so screw them. So Monaghan it is, pour moi.


Tyrone will be nowhere near.

Thing is, Kerry and Mayo are definitely unkowns this year imo. Kerry have a few young gems, make no mistake about it. No real pressure on them and the hunger to stop our 5 in a row will be huge.

I think Mayo will be much the same in terms of players but they will be far better than last year and have nearly caught us out a number of times.

Galway have a great side but it has just been wasted with negative play up to now.

Donegal are my tip for Ulster and will be most people’s I reckon.


wouldn’t be so sure - age profile of that team is quite young