Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


They’d probably miss that too…


Unfortunately he hasn’t played in a while… And while I agree with a lot of what you said the game has moved on…3 years away from the top level of the sport I don’t understand how people think he would just walk back in no problem…regardless of if he wanted to…not many if any take that long out and return to the top of their sport…i believe it takes him the rest of this season to get back to the required levels


Wow. That is high praise indeed. It’s also quite a debatable subject. I’d disagree with you 100% however, and can think of 2 from within my club that were arguably better than him, but played in poorer teams. Also, it may be a sign of tender years?? I’m guessing you weren’t around in the 70’s then?


Haha i was .The doc’s race was run in the 78 all ireland and gerry hargan ,great full back though he was struggled against nice but dim ’ the bomber .


If they had moved the goalposts 1m to the right they would have won! I have never seen so many wides in the one spot.


Because Canning just farted?


Yes your right and the best was dermot deasy.93 to 96 /97 he was class.look what he won in that period .For me left all other mum full backs in the halfpenny place…My opinion.


It’s likely to be heresy around here to post this given the deserved esteem he is held in but I don’t think O’Carroll is the solution to all Dublin’s perceived full back line issues that some quarters are making out. No doubt the guy was immense and in my view the best traditional full back i’ve seen play for Dublin but a lot of these debates in the past that included players such as Brogan and Connolly are undermined by the idea that the game evolves and different playing patterns emerge both by us and the opposition.

When Connolly and Flynn, for various reasons, no longer became regulars, Dublin’s play adapted as two long range point scores were not there anymore. Tactics from my perception transitioned to working harder to get the ball closer to goal. I’m not saying those two players were the only reason for that change but they were a part of it imo.

If the opposition were to go with a ball winning full forward then i’d love to see Rory on the edge of the square this year. It would shore up what is a potential weakness for every team but one that most sides will try to get change out of Dublin from in games.

But if teams, similar to what Donegal did in 2014, go and withdraw their full forward line and make defenders follow them then the best type of player for that becomes someone like Fitzsimon’s imo as I do not think that this area is Rory’s forte.

But in the wider scheme of things all managers want options and no doubt Rory would be a significant one should a return ever happen.


Good post dude.


yeah daedalus, i said to myself “teams still resort to lobbing it in on top of the square” before i read the rest of your post. most if not all of the division 1 teams vary it now but will still try a few high balls at times during games. the notable exception being ourselves of course, jim seems allergic to it as a tactic just like he is with bogging the ball out to midfield on the restart. the yerras have been over-reliant on this for a long time and are really going to suffer for it now with donaghy gone. a massive, massive player for them and their attack will be missing a spanner or 2 in the next while when it comes to crunch-time.


Tommy Walsh has made a few offensive marks in the recent games I’ve seen. He seems a bit shaky on the resulting free kicks though. They’ll certainly get a few cheap points if there isnt a runner clear through on goal…in 2020 :wink:


Did Aaron Byrne run over Jim Gavin’s dog or something? Probably the best player in the O Byrne Cup, but players who weren’t as prominent over-taking him. He must be the only u21 player of the year to not go on immediately and play senior.

He has a very distinctive game and style I know, but I would have thought he was worth a try out in the league.


Had he always been available?


Wasn’t he called up to senior panel in 2017 after winning u21 but went to America for summer? Hope that didn’t go against him.


Correct and that’s the only reason that I could think of.who knows.


It would seem unlikely it would be held against him, he wouldn’t be the first to do it. Also the fact that he put himself through all the winter training for the O Byrne Cup should have recovered any lost ground, if there was any. But who knows really, maybe he did upset someone somewhere along the line.

It’s most likely I would assume that they think his style wouldn’t fit. His core skill is ball carrying and maybe they just don’t want that (Kevin MC doesn’t get a whole heap of starts either). But, for me, he is so good at it that it would be very interesting to see how he fares out. A guy that can beat a man, ultimately creates an extra man, that creates goals.


Dublin Mayo 2006 is on eir sports now. Second half has just started and we’re five up… Need to switch it off now or I won’t sleep tonight




A load of nonsense at the end of the day. Diarmuid has nothing to prove to anyone. And imho he’s better off away from the likes of Keegan et al who weren’t good enough to mark him so all they could do is foul him.

I look forward to seeing him playing for Vins regularly all year :grin:


did you spend any of your 20s on the piss alan when you could have been doing something useful?