Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


You’re right, got mixed up. It was the All Ireland final that was his second start and third game at senior!! Not bad all the same


Good man St R! He’s obviously got some level of motivation to have played to the level he did and to want to play for a Senior Club again after three years out so who knows what he might want. If nothing else his reappearance in the news currently might really annoy the Jaysus out of Donaghy :yum:


Not presuming st all - I prefaced an earlier post with ‘if he wants to’.


Alan could well be right. But if he does make the Crokes 15, then I would think there would be every chance he would be bought back onto the panel at least. If he doesn’t look up to it in April, then the chance would be considerably less.


Humble apologies old bean.


Ross O’Carroll didn’t make his senior championship debut with Crokes until QF stage of Dublin SFC in 2008. Remember watching Crokes in intermediate against St Margarets earlier that year and the 2 O’Carrolls were playing. Craig Diaz came off the bench that day too.


I heard a good story about Ross being mistaken by Joanne Cantwell at the kilmacud 7s for Rory. It was in 2014 a few weeks after the donegal semi. Asked by Cantwell had he gotten over it , Ross( pretending he was Rory) said he would never get over it and that he alarmed his Dad by waking up at night screaming “Michael Murphy ,Michael Murphy”. Cantwell was less then impressed when she realized she was being messed with.


Should you not be out supporting Laois hurlers??



I think this is a good idea in general, but if the trickle became a flood and there were four or five Dubs on county teams, the host county supporters might not like it.

But Smith is very good. It’s good he is getting to play inter county.


2 dubs with Wicklow, one of them Nicky devereux s brother.


He is quite probably the best full back that has ever played for dublin and when he left he was the best in the country plus he is only 28/29 ???
but the question is will he want to come back .


Home sick with bronchitis, swine flu, ebola, mad cow disease, (now, now…) and de scurvy.
:mask::face_with_thermometer: :sneezing_face: :nauseated_face:

(Souvenir of Roscommon methinks.)

Probably for the best, as a dinner outing to the Portlaoise Prat’s tapas restaurant was on the cards, just before they administered Last Rites.


To you or the restaurant?


Tsk tsk tsk…:joy:


I think the last rites are currently being administered unfortunately!

Good luck with the various diseases!


Gortex my man. Stayed dry and we won. 2 out of 2 in my book.


Yeah. Have the game on the wireless.

Thought it would help pass the time, during the interminable wait 'till I can take 100 more Solpadene. But Jesus, it isn’t exactly helping. :roll_eyes:

14 wides in the first half. No one expected them to win, but with numbers like those, you’re just shooting your self in the foot.


Oisin manning from Jude’s aswell


We can start to make the argument that as dublin is producing other counties players we should be treated as a nation not as a province.


Speaking of which, do you think if we’re about to be beaten in the All-I champ by a free kick or a penalty this year, Ger Canning will say “the nation holds it breath!!!..”?