Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Cooper Byrne McMahon, with CO’S mopping up on front


Starting full back line only is the question, no cheating now


I’d prefer Fitzsimons/ McMahon and Cooper but think it will be Murchan/ McMahon and Cooper.

Howard is a real variable across the halfback and half forward lines. Where they play him opens up so many possibilities and variations through the middle 8 (and the knock-on effects).


Fitz if fit will always be the choice for me, along with McMahon & Cooper.


From what i heard of the club game last weekend Mc Mahon has a bit of a way to go to be back in contention for a Dublin starting spot.


It can’t really be a fact because every player is different and starting from a different base. But, no, I doubt you can take a guy off the street and make him inter county in three months.

But a player who was in superb condition and may have looked after himself well in the interim is a distinct possibility. At least to get him to the physicality required whatever about touch / skill. If the guy has not been doing regular gym work / running it wouldn’t be possible. But if he has, at a decent level, then he can.

Soccer is full of guys near the end of their career who are out of contract with a team for an extended period, then they are bought into a team for pre-season training and they are bought back to the level. A lot depends on the time the person can afford to give to it. If he is working flat out and training two or three times a week it’s not going to happen, but if he can train more and rest a lot in between - I think it’s very feasible.


The only difference being they haven’t been away from their chosen sport for 3/4 years…if he decides he wants to come back I’d be shocked if it was this year


I would be surprised too, it would be a hell of an achievement. But it is theoretically possible, he has 5 months really before the championship gets serious. It’s unlikely - but a lot stranger things have happened. If he goes well with Crokes in April, I think he will be bought into the panel at least.


Is he really just going to walk back into Crokes’ starting fifteen? Dublin SFC is operating at a very high level.


Surely it won’t take long? Classy footballers don’t just lose class.


Three years away and only playing at a social level?

Would you put him on Dean Rock or Small in a few weeks’ time?


I’ll stand by what I said.


Are you not presuming he wants to get back into the squad in the first place, with no evidence that that is the case? That’s a pretty big leap imo. He can’t be brought back onto the panel if he doesn’t want to be. He left us of his own free will. He wasn’t dropped. Add in the likelihood of his being targeted re concussion & head injuries & there is a lot at stake if he returns.


The reality is he may not want to play inter County again, but if anybody would be capable it’s him. Remember he marked McNamee from Rhode out of the game in the Leinster football final, in what was only his second start in senior football. So we’re not talking about a mere mortal here!!!


He actually came off the bench in that game… That was his senior championship debut for club.




Have to say I agree with Alan…reigning county champions with plenty of others knocking on the door for a place on the panel let alone starting 15…he’s played socially here and there I think it could take him until September to get into crokes championship team let alone Dublins assuming that is his plan


Cannot see O’Carroll getting next to near this panel, it’s not the way general Jim operates anyway. To long out of the game and unless he was keeping himself in tip top condition it would take him at least 12 months to get back in the swing of things.

I met Rory on a photography assignment the year he dropped of the panel and the impression I got of him was football is simply just football and not the be all off everything for him. Couldn’t see him dedicating his entire week to trying to get back in. Just couldn’t.


My son met him doing volunteer work in soup kitchens before he left and said one of the nicest lads you’d ever meet but similar comment re how laid back off the pitch Rory would be about football


Funny you say that. I took his photograph and he was lashing a coffee out it as had to rush down to the caphuchin day centre as he was working there that afternoon. More interested in that than the actual award and talking about football. Very relaxed, he was driving a car that was a few years old, nothing flash, no crap, no look at me. I remember thinking if my own son grows up and has half his cut I’d be fecking proud.


Believe Rory’s mum has worked there for donkeys years and she would regularly have R down helping out , my son said she’s a lady , apple doesn’t fall to far in that case