Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


I didn’t mean he had to go back the next day!!


nope, the talk was all about conveyor belt of new talent coming in, one or two players per year being added to a formidible panel.

when people complainted they were told, en masse by the GAA media - well, put up or shut up, raise your standards to beat them and stop moaning. Tipp duly did, but then the year after KK went on a three in a row - and nobody batted an eyelid.

Very, in fact, almost identical to the kerry fotballers between 81 and 86 when the same scenario and same narrivites were used.

in 2019, with the dublin footballers, not so much, if at all. its the end of the GAA world.

if a club mascot dog falls ill and cant make the st patrickts day parage in leitrim its because he knows he can never make it to the big parade in o’connell street on the Tv with Des and them and sure who could blame him the poor craytur bloody dublin with their unfair advantages.


Philly back :+1:



Good news. Wonder how McCarthy and Brogan are getting on.


I heard they don’t really talk to each other.


No wonder. Have you seen the eyebrows on Berno’s twins? :wink:


Just reading about O Carroll being back with Crokes… It’s all very interesting. With any player, unless you know what he wants to do, then you don’t really know anything. But what I do think that if he is at the stage that he could play senior club in a month, then two more months after that he could play county. 12 weeks is plenty long enough to take a reasonably fit guy, who used to be at inter county standard, back to that standard.


Pity the media can’t leave these lads alone they’re amateur players let them do what they want


every journo is asking a drive for 5 question to each player and when they say “its not on our radar, just the next match” or some thing the headline is always “Says “5 in a Row is on the radar or course””


Don’t be giving us ideas now !
It’s like getting the band back together :joy:


Rory be well able to slot back in, he’s such a naturally gifted player.

I would absolutely love to see him back


He’s been away for three years.

Seriously questionable that he would just slot back in.

Don’t think we’ll see him anyway.


Think people underestimating the conditioning required of an inter county player from diet to body weight body fat ratios etc it’s a science, not questioning Rory’s ability as a player or general fitness , if he can make it back as some think this year then Dublin can get rid of half their backroom team


Next year hopefully


A man can dream.

What’s the starting full back line now if everyone’s fit?

Murchan O Sullivan Fitzsimons?


From a club point of view great shot in the arm for Crokes , as for dreaming I agree would love to see Rory line out again


You can do an awful lot in three months, because of the back room team, not in spite of it. There should be no problem getting a reasonably fit guy back to county level fitness in that time frame - if he has the time to commit to it. The issue would be game time…


For me McMahon, Byrne, Cooper.


Cooper Fitzsimmons McMahon


Not having a go but is that an opinion or fact , I don’t agree I’d love to know what your basing your statement on , not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but what I know about sports science would fly completely in the opposite of what your saying