Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


A Hoganstand article on Dermo returning in what is a very poorly written article


The headline is more than a bit of a stretch in all fairness. Can’t see it myself.


Pure horse shite, Gavin just talks about players in general and committing to a county panel. What he says applies to every player in the county, there is no direct reference to any individual by Gavin.


Its very badly written to be perfectly honest clickbait more like


So why link it? It has had thirty “clicks” on here, to date. Clickbait will lead to revenue for the website and its author.


They’ll Shit their pants again once they catch sight of croker in August. .
For this league game on 27th they’ll come at us all guns blazing to set down the marker blah blah blah…

2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones

How is jim going to approach the league this year? Went for it last year after not taking it so seriously the year before. Fair few lads in the background who must be champing at the bit for a prolonged run. Any injures to worry about?


I’d say a young lad named Bernard Brogan might be dying to have a chance.

Seriously, though, you’d hope that anyone who struggled with an injury in the last couple of years (Cian, Flynner) or with a lot of miles on the clock (MDMA, Clucko, Mick Fitz, Cian, Deano, Kevin Mc, etc) will be given something of an extended break until late February, or so.


Hey, I never said it was going to be a popular choice.

They cudda well been in the AI final last year, but for The Greatest Keeper Of All Time (no, not David Clarke, the other Greatest Greatest Keeper Of All Time) having a brain fart.


Not a chance.


Not a hope


… of?

Same question.


Typically well thought out and erudite arguments there lads. :roll_eyes:


Dublin will win the league if they want to. If they don’t they won’t. They’ll win the All Ireland pulling up.

Comerford badly needs games at this level. He should get most of the league. Whether he does or not is another story.

The rest is just cutting your cloth to suit your measure. No one close enough to challenge Dublin.


I think they’ve considered the League important every year Gavin has been in charge tbh.


Give over. Dublin simply a better team except for the greatest keeper ever and ever. I’d fear the animals more.


There now. How hard was that?


What will be very interesting will be to see what Jim will do with the elder statesmen this season. We could end up with a very experienced (old!) bench this year. Will we have Brogan, Flynner, MDMA, Kev Mc on the line, with Cian, Philly on the starting XV? We could probably do with another bolter or two in defence. Would like to see a settled number 3.


The new rules may require and altogether different approach to guarding the 21…could extend some careers or shorten them…remains to be seen…could see the return of the “old school” full-back.


Reckon this will be a tough start to the league similar to last year against kildare where we were rusty to begin with after the lads holiday(which is fine as Id rather them get a well deserved reward and lose a league game then not go away at all) but this time i dont think we can afford to be rusty against monaghan they have been good in the league the last number of years and beat us last year albeit we had a weak team out that day in a dead rubber game. Clones isnt the easiest place to go but mayo won there last year in round 1 so thats a plus for us going into the game.
Wonder will there be any new faces in the starting 15 with the o byrne cup team potentially having only 1 competitive game theres not much room for them to impress, maybe smith could get a run out or maybe even aaron byrne.
The first two away games of the league will be tough so i wonder what approach jim will take the 2017 or the 2018 league, me personally i hope it will be the 2018 league and that Jim will be willing to give the big guns a rest over the first couple of games which are quite tough