Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


It sounds like you’re living the dream


True, that.


Probably just speculation like DC


Good piece here with Howard


It’s very rare to witness a young footballer arrive on the scene as fully-formed

Indeed. It’s remarkable how mature and comfortable he seems, never puts a foot wrong.


He’ working in a bar in the States. Playing ball over there. Think he’s a girlfriend over there a well so unlikely to be back this year


I don’t think they are speculators be fair - they are just saying he’s back.


Will be back playing with club soon enough, I suspect in both codes


This is the bit I was referring to

“But Jim Gavin may just have been thrown a lifeline in his pursuit to replace O’Carroll, just in time for Championship - and his name is Rory O’Carroll.”


:+1:t2:. Interesting though that the journalist sees the team that has won the last four All Ireland’s in need of a lifeline!


Yes, but todays journalism Cliche Of The Week is:

“Dublin’s full back line is very vulnerable under a high ball.”

It is to be referenced at every available opportunity.

Did you not get the memo on that?


Yes vunerable under a high bsll., No midfield. No dermo, no iPads, out of their comfort zone in croker blah blah blah culchie fake news


Well at least it gives us a break from pushing up on Cluxton’s kickouts.


True. Could turn into push up on comefords kickouts…


Show me any full back line that’s not vulnerable under a high ball!


As we pass the halfway mark in the league, it would be human for a Dub to suffer nodding head syndrome as we endure more and more bigging up of the pretenders to the throne. Thankfully the people’s champions done what they do and fell to Galway and while the Kerry ref put his shoulder to the Rossie wheel it was not enough to withstand the 4 in a row champions. Although Tyrone and Cavan stand between us and a league final, an air of enviability has descended. Now I know, all the well spun yarns, the media love in and the mixing of a little fact with a good dollop of fiction to build the narrative, naturally gifted footballers, feet’s of epic proportions (intended), that the 2nd coming has finally arrived and natural order is to be returned signed, sealed and … ah bollyoxidous who wrote this

Up the champions of champions


Interestingly, this never happened after Kilkenny won 4 in a row. The patter about possible weakness. Or did it and I don’t remember it? I don’t blame people for wanting us beaten. I wanted Kilkenny beaten. It would be weird if they didn’t. I want us to win five, to sicken Kerry. Then I want Con et al to go back hurling for a while!


The only hurling Con will be doing post 5 in a row would be of the pint induced projectile nature …


Hope that we hammer them in the final to do it. We still owe those ***** a hiding in the championship.


In 1980, Kerry won one away game and two games at Croke Park to lift Sam for the third time in a row.

In 2018, Dublin won one away game and two games at Croke Park to top their group stage. They had to win another five games in total to win Sam.

Bit of a no brainer …