Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Jaysus thanks Parish. I knew I wasn’t totally losing the plot!




Long term yes but if you get double concussion at the same time the odds of survival are minimal


Well like yourself, I’m not getting any younger, plus the gargle has made me a bit forgetful…


Was interesting that Kildare’s Daniel Flynn namechecked ROC in an interview over the Winter, when talking of his own plans to give this season a miss at IC level at least.

He made a hell of an impact in what was, relative to some of those he lined out with, a shortish time in the senior ranks.

The guy owes us nothing & takes his place among our great full-backs. Actually, considering the way the game has changed, he might be considered our last true lion-hearted full-back - the rock on whom so many forwards perished.


Daniel Flynn is a savage player too and a serious loss to them.


It says he might ‘if’. I don’t think people emigrate to New Zealand because of a fear of future concussion in the GAA.


Why is he taking the year out ?


No idea.


He s doing a masters.


Dropped out of that and went back to the States!


Who D. Flynn?




Is he playing ball over there? Serious serious baller will be a massive loss to kildare.


Story I heard was that he was over there before the Christmas with his team, liked what he saw, came back, chucked in his job and scholarship, and headed back over.
Wouldn’t think there would be much ball over there at this time of year!!


Heard an interview with him a while back . Think he was a mature student , maybe he saw the bright lights of the state’s and said ■■■■ this .


True… I thought maybe a couple of teams would be training away still young man living abroad couldn’t blame him. Good luck to him.


Know somebody who is going out with a relative of his. Stories I’ve heard is he’s mad after the high life. Kildare (currently) won’t offer that. I don’t blame him TBF.


What is this high life you speak of, and how does one attain such a thing :thinking:


It’s easy over here…
Ask anyone.