Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Not sure Gavin will have any decision to make to be honest.


We won’t be seeing ROC back in a Dublin jersey



What a surprise €€€€€€€€€


Wasn’t ROC retired before he decided to leave Ireland due to too many concussions?


Not sure he officially retired – He basically won the 2015 All Ireland, won an All-Star, went on a team holiday and then played a bit in USA before moving to New Zealand


I don’t think so. He got concussed in the AI final and he spoke about the danger of concussion - but I don’t think there was any link to that and him not playing. Maybe some people just putting two and two together…


OK, I stand corrected, but I was sure that was a reason he stepped away


Your recollection is similar to mine Harper, I remember him speaking of getting a double concussion and the dangers of it, and in the same breath talking about taking a rest from football altogether and next thing he was emigrating. To be honest, while I adored him and thought he was our best 3 in years, I hate the thought of him returning and possibly getting another concussion! The next one could be life altering!


Rory’s headline quote of the time was “I’m open to the idea that I’ll never play for Dublin again” (“til hell freezes over!!”)


Has he not played for Crokes since?


He was also concussed against Donegal in 2011 semi final and first game against Mayo in 2015. I’d say ROC realised there was more to life than football.


Possibly, but I never saw an interview where he said concussion was a factor. If he wanted to travel, as he did, I would assume that was the main reason.


And the way he was hitting lads on the pitch in New Zealand…dont think he was too worried about concussion…would be welcomed back with open arms…Is there any lads in Dublin in the same mould as him to come into the team


They’re not often to be found in fairness!

I’m fully convinced I read it, or saw/heard an interview of him extolling his reasons for not playing for the Dubs. I’ve searched furiously on google for the last while since the brats are in bed, and for the life of me I can’t find it.

Then again, my memory is absolutely goosed lately!


I think he did mention concussion in an interview, but I don’t think he ever gave it as a reason he was giving up, of course that does not mean that it wasn’t. I always got the feeling that he was one of those lads that saw more to the picture than football and there were certain things he wanted to do and see and football was no longer a priority, which is a great outlook to have, I love to see lads giving 100% to the cause, but I also like to see lads chose the right option for themselves rather than just keep going because that is what you are kinda supposed to do.
I think, in a sense it sends out a good message to young kids playing sport at a serious level, there actually are lots of other things you can do, sport is not the be all and end all of everything no matter how good you are at it. ( easy to say for someone who was crap:))


Perhaps this one ?


That’s it!


Usually leads to death


In the long term, yes! It does!