Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Rory O’Carroll back at the weekend for good. . . wonder if he’s on the Dublin radar at all (3 years is probably too long)


That’s good news, if he goes back playing with the club first you will never know, from my recollection I don’t think many players are drafted in to the panel mid year or pre championship.


If that lad was still in shape and able I’d draft him but he would have to have the appetite


And if it was me id throw him a jersey now.


Wasnt one of the reasons he stopped playing was concerns about concussions. If thats still the case cant see him coming back .


O’Carroll was in France 2011 and missed the league that year but 3 years is too much of a gap. Read on hill16 David Byrne back playing and scored 2 points for Olafs at weekend. Another option for full back line.


About as likely to return as DC I’d say :grin:


Another inter couty player returning after a few years away. Paul Durcan back with Donegal. Ballyboden will be delighted. :wink:


Why, maybe not this year but next, if he wants to and plays club first obviously.


Will he need a transfer back from Qatar Gaels :wink:


I’ll miss aul Rory, or the Rorster as I got to know him in the local watering hole, roish.


He’s allegedly only training with Donegal. Bonner ‘happy’ with his two keepers.


Unless there is underlying issues I am not aware of…

Would love to see him back.


Anything that puts the shits up Kerry has to be good. Tommy Walsh me hole!


Your’e dead right:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Maybe next year if he can be arsed and if he can get back to required level and if JG wants him. Thats a lot of ifs, but still one of the best FBs to play the game.


I don’t think it would be, depending on what shape he kept himself in.

The timing is wrong for this year, but if he plays championship with Crokes and does even half way well, I think they would talk to him.


@Wifi - the minister for the six-in-a-row.


A little over excited surely. Has he even been playing social football in the last three years? He’s hardly walk into Crokes’ team with less than two months to championship.

And that’s of course if he’s even bothered. Which he may well not be.

Again I just don’t see it this year. If at all.


agree , it’s the wish list versus the reality, I wished ROC all the best when he left,a good life he owed no one a thing
For me ROC Connolly I don’t care who you are you come in at this stage or next couple of months Gavin has three factors that need sorting, the condition of the guy , the impact on current squad environment, is the circus at this stage of a year worth any prodigal son