Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


He was a bad example to use :slight_smile: Lowndes too. I thought he was great with 21s two years ago against his kick outs against Galway with kick outs. Just seems a bit hesitant in a few games saw him. At least this year he is getting proper games and the Kerry game will have brought him on. He is young and will improve.


Shucks, I’ll forgive you! :heart_eyes:


Wnat differ? Doesn’t change my view no matter who the manager or his club.


Evan is a top lad. Himself and John Small were at our awards night a couple years ago. Did I read somewhere he played with Peregrines up to u15 and transferred when he moved house to Ballymun. There was another Ballymun keeper that was Dublin minor Cumberton?


Eric Cumberton was the number 1 club/county keeper at the time.

Evan’s mother’s family were all 'Mun and his dad was a soccer goalkeeper who played in a local soccer team (the willows) back in the day. They were living west side alright, but moved back to the Mun, when Ev was about 15 or so. He was straight back to his family club! Eric was excellent, but went through a bad patch as a 1st year minor (IIRC) and Evan stepped in. He hasn’t looked back to be fair. Eric gave up for a while and I’m delighted to say, is now back playing. 2 great young men.

Evan’s grandad was a great supporter of the club and his uncle won a 21’s championship in 96. He played senior for decades and mentored teams back in the day, and is coaching right now! A great Mun family, delighted to have Ev back with us!


What level is Eric playing? Does Sean Currie play anymore?


He went to school in hartstown so he could of played with peregrine’s alright


Sean Currie is still senior, a very close call between him and Evan to start. Sean is a lot better than his short appearances for Dublin suggested. He’s a class act!

Eric is our AFL 3/Inter 'keeper last year. Haven’t been granted licence to tell Ressers which team he will be on this year! Sorry!


Oh agree 100% with you. Just a damned pity that Vins set us all down this road.


Blessed with good keepers there rochey. Young talbot is in goals for bohs this year?. Played outfield for mun last year?


Talbot was midfield on Ballymun u21 team.


Think he played for seniors in midfield.


Accepted but the inference is there, to my mind i.e. that there’s a club week for IC players to partake in & thus they’d reconvene thereafter to prepare for the next NFL fixture.

Also accepted - our clubs get more of their IC players than other counties, however being the best in a structure which is heavily skewed towards the IC set-up nationwide isn’t something for us to be particular proud of IMO. The tail is wagging the dog. The establishment of the Gaelic Club Players Association is an obvious reaction to this. And, after all that, this is a topic for somewhere other than on here so I’ll pull on the reins at that!

Hope Eric gets back swiftly. With DB having his injury woes, we could really do with Eric continuing his early-season form.


I wouldn’t say that statement is entirely true. 3 league games IC lads play seems the norm?



Speaking of whom, is it just me or has he grown over the winter???
It honestly took me a while to pick him out on the pitch the last few matches.
Last year, it seemed obvious when he was on the pitch (especially when he was near Fenton!).
Maybe he’s just filled out a bit :thinking:


he wouldn’t be the first young fella to get a growth-spurt after finishing primary school. leave him alone


Worked on a cattle farm in the autumn maybe, absorbed a load of growth hormones by osmosis?
I think he was always a bit taller than many of us thought, maybe it’s his stance or running style.


He’s a great bit of stuff no matter the size.


True, I’d say it was more in comparison with some others.
And he is a great bit of stuff.