Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


KevMc winters well, and is generally a summer cat. That said, he can kick nice points on the angle from 30 yards and as much as I like his goals he might need to chip in more regularly.


Particularly good news and referenced by social media is that Ciaran Kilkenny is finally back in the county !

Can’t wait to see him dictating games and scoring a lot


Also running sideways and pointing alot to where hes going to handpass :grin: sorry couldnt resist.


Lowndes dislocated collarbone during week with dubs training but thought they were released back to clubs this week so should they not be training with clubs? Such a pity on young lad big blow for himself hopefully on bend soon


Nothing to be sorry about . He’s an outstanding player
Somehow managed to score 4:47 between league and championship last year while doing what you said he does against massive defensive setups


Big blow for the lad, was doing well in his recent opportunities and was real chance to own the jersey in league and put down solid marker for Championship. Hopefully he makes quick recovery


Ooooerrrr matron!


Tough break on Eric who was going well - speedy recovery to him.

Have we anyone that looks like him that we could lineout and pretend he’s not injured :thinking:




Unfortunately I’d say players are only available for the league game. I think it actually our fringe players who are suffering from lack of playing time with clubs. Likes lad Emmett O’Conghaile, Shane Carthy(Mearnog), Evan Comerford and Eric Lowndes have regressed from their underage days.


Had to progress when you spend all your time on the bench.


Who the fook am I to question Gavin’s modus operandi but he made specific reference to the upcoming window for club action before the Mayo match, in the aftermath of the Kerry game.

I’m not expecting them to put their up for the fortnight but group IC training makes a nonsense of that expressed sentiment surely?


Players are given grudgingly to clubs. It’s a shocking state of affairs. How it was allowed to come to this is deplorable.


Jim Gavin did make specific reference to lads playing with their clubs this weekend but he said nothing about where or when they would train during the week. I think some people on this site just like to find something to be upset about. It has always been the case that players train with the county except during the week leading into club championship and that’s going back to Heffo’s time and beyond.
The lads moaning this week about the Dubs training will be rushing home from Croker this night week to post that Dublin weren’t properly prepared if we lose to Mayo and hadn’t trained this week.
Because of a poor fixture structure nationally the balance of availability of players is very much in the County teams favour but in Dublin the clubs see more of their players than clubs in any other county see theirs. For that JG deserves some credit.


I won’t be moaning about lads having played and trained with their clubs if Dublin lose next week.

Club comes first. Allegedly.

I accept the problem is a national one. But club managers wield far too much influence beyond that. And at all levels.


It’s well for those clubs with no county players


It’s great :wink:


Disagree fully. He wasn’t even a starter for our club minors initially, so how you can say that is beyond me. If anything he’s improved year on year, and is now knocking on the door to depose Clucko.

I can’t speak for the others as I don’t get to see them often enough!


I notice that was ignored by the chief moaner!!!


Heffernan started it??? What club was he from??