Dublin Senior Footballers 2019


Keepers of the word!!!


Sorry snowflake.


Yep! If yhey said it - they didn’t allude to it, they said it.


I think a lot of the media look fairly pathetic rowing in behind that article that was pure speculation . You had Martin Breheny ‘confirming’ it in his preview yesterday . Gavin will distant them even more this year. He did also say to reporters that the suggestions that DC was back in squad were unfounded also.


Jim really needs to think about the likes of Bernard, Flynner and Kev Mc in terms of C’ship panel. Similarly Philly and EOG.


I can’t see Bernard featuring at all Unfortunately - worst position on the team to eb competing with lads 10 years younger then you. Not sure we will see much of EOG, Flynner or Kev either.

He needs Philly though.


Philly was in Tralee yesterday. Just not named on the panel, either as a starter or a sub. Bit odd that.


Flynner and kevin will definitely be used all through the year, as subs . Wouldn’t rule out Bernard or EOG at all yet


Last year’s subs - Cian & Philly started. Presume Darren Gavin will be included. Dunno where poor David Byrne is at. Will Conor McHugh or Ryan Basquel feature. Who would make way for BB?


Evan Comerford
Paddy Andrews
Colm Basquel
Cormac Costello
Darren Daly
Michael Fitzsimons
Paul Flynn
Eric Lowndes
Michael Darragh MacAuley
Kevin McManamon
Eoghan O’Gara


But where does Bernard get in though - he didn’t play last year. Costello looks like he might nail a spot down this year. Dean, Mannion and Con are shoe ins … I just can’t see it and I can’t see Kev getting much game time either. Bernard one of our best ever players but the competition there is very tough.

May not be a bad thing as it means the team is evolving. I think if we were constantly going back all the time I’d be worried.


Impact sub. Just like Kev Mc or O’Gara or PA. Don’t think anyone - including the man himself - thinks his starting days are still viable.


Is that David Byrne the goalkeeper coach? We wouldn’t want the Newstalk lads to get wind of this. :joy::joy:


Byrne had to have another operation before Christmas on his ankle as the previous one didn’t set right I believe.


Not a good sign for McHugh that Ryan Basquel has jumped ahead of him (obviously good for Ryan and fair play to him).


Jaysus the poor lad is having no luck. As a Clare lad I knew used to say ‘if he fell into a bucket of tits he’d come out sucking his thumb’.


I can’t see Kev Mc not making the bench. In a tight game, its as good as having Chuck Norris as your back up.


Indeed, KevMc will spook them. Until he no longer does.


whether starting or finishing, i’d have maxi in every game. he’s just too good. produces in all the big games, often the game-burster plays too, and i don’t see any evidence of decline- based on last couple of year anyway.


Didn’t make much of an impact against Kerry last week… For a change, I might add


I think he is looking a bit heavy legged for past 12 months and doesn’t seem to have that burst to get past defenders even when he has only come on. Hopefully he finds it again for the 5 in a row but maybe the years on the road are catching him up